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They like give you this really strong nudge. This hint hint hint. The print something off the put a piece of mail in a certain place to make sure you saw, you know, as opposed to get in front of the junk pile, the leave these little things out the put something next year shoes might tape. Something up on the door for my wife is she puts it out somewhere. And it's like I'm gonna put it right on your keyboard? Because there's no way you're going to be able to get around that. This is a study that came out said getting kids to bed earlier might make moms healthier, which is a good thing. And it made me remember of all those classes and all those books we read before kid was born in all of the book say you have to do this don't compromise on this. And what happens your gun ho when you go into it. You're like, yeah, I'm going to minimize the kid, and I'm gonna have no screen time. We're never going to watch anything on television as in. No Daniel tiger. No Sesame Street. None of that sort of thing. And what happens you have the kid and you need a break. Let's turn out some Sesame Street. Gimme forty five minutes to do the laundry or something like that. Right compromise. Always happens. Don't give your kid this or that or whatever. And then you end up, you know, your kid gets it. They don't die. So you're like, okay. I guess my kid is fine drinking regular milk instead of organic milk. It's all these things over and over and over again all the things they warn you about don't do this don't do that. And then you get into the mentality. I'm going to be supermom or super dad, and I'll never do these sort of things. And then what happens you compromise, right? That's that's what happens. I can't be the only parent that this happened to right? You have a game plan ahead of time. And then you have your first kid in here. Uh-huh. Yeah. See how that works. You talked to another couple that haven't had a child yet in they're expecting. It'd be like, oh, we have it all planned out. We got all of this. We got all of that. You just look at each other. And you say. I know you gotta planned out now. I know that's gonna change three one four four three six seventy nine hundred or eight hundred nine to five eleven twenty. I think to me I can't be the only parent like this..

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