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Welcome back to clockwise detect podcast that's older than it's ever been. And now, it's even older. I'm your co host Dan Moore, and I am joined across the internet, but my delightful pal and co host Mr. mica sergeant how're you doing Mike? I'm doing well. I am also older. And so are you? Yeah. No. I know and I'm about to be older still. Today, we have of course to wonderful as we always do and this week. They are to my left a tech editor and reporter from CNN. It's my former colleague from world Heather Kelly. Welcome back other. Hello and to my left. It's emoji. Historian and chief emoji officer at emoji pedia. Let me say emoji one more time for Jeremy Burge. Hello, Jeremy, Mike. Hello, Dan and Hiller had the full out annual clockwise catch out. He's coming over here to catch up. It's the only place we have that's true as we do it in just thirty minutes because we're really efficient. So I'm going to kick things off with a rumor that just started circulating a day or so ago that the ipads update this year, the new version of IOS will support cursor 's mouses mouses mice. Track pads pointing devices et cetera. And so my question for you is that something that you want on your ipad. Or do you think it's not really necessary? Where do you come down on that kind of thing? Heather when we start with you. Oh, goodness. I mean early on where like this could replace a computer, but Ono there's no mouth. I kind of think we've all moved on though. And we just accept I've had for what they are which are like little entertainment boxes for your children in restaurants. And he doesn't need a mouse. But I mean, I'd give it a try, and then I would probably never use it again. My fingers are my Meese. So I don't really need a mouse or pointer because I've got fingers do that. I understand the idea there is some level of of. Oh, I don't know very close manipulation one can do when they have a curse, sir. But if you're talking about ipad pros or frankly, most of the ipad models now can accept input from the apple pencil Beit version one of virgin too. And so I don't I don't think that we need me on the ipad because we have either our finger which does well enough and for closer manipulation of the screen. You've got the apple pencil, logic, crayon, etc. Etc. Jeremy your thoughts, I mostly agree with you all I feel like if I was the the kind of person that uses the ipad with the external cable. I would like the track pad. But I I'm not that person. So yes, but I'm -solutely..

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