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Twentyfour twenty and his mom what casual friday be like at the other sal i now i want us learn a barrel so he his mom paxson maligned a every day which i'm a little upset with when especially when you're 24 but his mom packs a lunch so i wanna know what was in today's launch will first off his mom exum to sandwiches which i like said there's a chicken the saying 'let's finally face chicken chicken sandwiches on role chicken meat sounds not chicken south on a roll chickens chicken sandwich i said what's what's what's at come with because chicken itself little bit ride out on a on a roll the yet tomato you got onion she now nothing now the man ice now mustered now just a fifth storebought cold role because there's a ice pack in this lunch pack cold role and just cold white chicken in between uh i don't know how you could eat that without taking a swig of voter bag like every ten seconds but fine that that was his request assailed and then i said blues does i said he's never like i do like this one i like all the guys who go i never liked fill in the blank ever since i was eight a dawson you know what i didn't like when i was eight policy no one else i didn't like scratch now guess road request guy i really like almost anything when i was a cause made but then you become an adult and who isn't any exchange pick out the kids are kids are used to pick out the avocados out of my solid my mom its goal came over here in my girls are slamming but why but all the things you couldn't do or didn't like or value or you know a believed in superman and the easter body when you're when you're right now you're an adult says this is how tower soon you've evolved how's it work for military recruitment i can't do that when i was eight i could never got off a higgins shipping a fought the japanese and guadacanal like i i can't i know put now you're 20something years old you're supposed the but i like this guy chris i know sounds like a deceased it is he a candidate for will chris eat it lied ono so i got into a sandwiches a little bit.

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