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I wrote you need to help them. Choose colleges and majors wisely pursuing degrees that will be marketable when they graduate and allow them to earn a comfortable living. And I cited a study revealing the ten worst college majors forgetting hired and here are six of them general social sciences anthropology philosophy liberal arts English and fine arts. Well, that's generated emails from two of our clients. Judy wrote to me, and she said, Rick, I majored in psychology. And when I retired eighteen years ago, I was making two hundred and fifty thousand dollars and my daughter majored in art history. And she ran an engineering firm before she retired. Then I saw the obituary for Robert Petoskey who is the chairman of the Federal Trade Commission. He majored in English. So how about surveying your most financially successful clients to see what their undergraduate major was. You might be surprised that there were many liberal arts majors that was Judy. Jack also wrote and he wanted to voice his displeasure with the article too. He was annoyed that the article made no mention of the other values of education regarding liberal arts. And he felt that my article overvalued monetary gain in the educational pursuit. Well, I really do appreciate judy's and Jack's comments, you may have similar feelings. But you know, what? Judy's Eighty-four her daughter is sixty Jack is seventy two the world was so totally different. When they went to college Judy went to college sixty years ago back then a liberal arts degree was of great value. Not just individually, but also help securing an excellent career as she.

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