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Maven. This is let's do it handle on the news, Jennifer Wayne and me and the Let's do Breaking Fire news. I see five. So we're kind of going to do a twofer here, and I'm actually going to start with one that just we learned about just in the last hour. This is a brush fire that's burning near Hemet and Idlewild. When I started telling you about it, maybe a half hour ago, it was a 250 acres. I just got an update. Now it's at 600 Acres. 0% containment. They've got an evacuation order that's been issued for the mountains center community Highway. 74 is closed in some places, so people are advised to use the 2 34 right now they've got an evacuation. Center set up at banning community center. Now, we last night first we're watching this 250 Acre brushfire that started about five o'clock in 1000 oaks. Different fire. Totally way different area and s O Now that one last night that one is under control. They got a quick handle on that one group. But the winds Oh, my gosh, the winds. I don't know how firefighters do it the way that those winds can just whip up and just take that firing different 20 have wins. Now That's the herbs, road fire Unless you happen to be of British descent, then it's the herbs, road fire. Uh, all right. Let's move on. All right. One in three L. A county residents. Have been infected by Cove in 19 1 in three. So that means, though I mean a couple of things, I think that they say, scientists say this is a sign of how rapidly the virus is spreading through the region. But if one.

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