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All right so then the main reason why we got paul here tonight the untold reason yes in a world where you only have trailers and posters to judge a movie. Jim and ted strikeout to answer the age old question. Will you see it. Ted will it. It is episode one seventy one and we have a very special guest a friend in longtime fan of the show pasternak paul. What's up man. Welcome paul nothing. Much longtime listener. First-time caller feeling good. How are you guys doing. oh fantastic. Tonight's thirsty longtime listener. I'm sure you're well aware that we drink a beer as we opened the show. We kinda give a few tasting notes and then we'll jump into you know getting the hard stuff out of the way like a little bit about yourself some of your background. And maybe a fun factor too. So we'll let the let the guest go first. What are you drink tonight. Oh so. I'm drinking Found this local market right down my street stone brew. Okay and i. I thought it was quite unique. Has there's a little story behind it. How it's a. There's a sign three by meter square. Sign in their brewery in richmond. Virginia with only three words so in honor of ted trailer. I decided to get this year for history word reviews.

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