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Heads by being the shirtless flag bearer in the opening ceremonies. Fun fact, he's the first winter Olympian from American Samoa in 28 years. You know what's amazing? Kai Owens. This teenage woman's mogul's competitor came back from having a very hard fall and injuring her eye and face in practice to finishing tenth overall in the competition. That was pretty gutsy. I stubbed my toe and I'm barely moving around. You know what's amazing, Asian Pacific Americans at the Olympics. As of the recording of this episode, the U.S. had 5 gold medals, Asian Pacific Americans, Khloe Kim and Nathan Chen, accounted for two of those medals, which means that 40% of the gold medals for the U.S. have been won by Asian Pacific Americans. You know, it's amazing. U.S. Olympic advertising. A lot of the posters feature 5 athletes and many of those show Chloe Kim and Nathan Chen some healthcare and Chen. It's just great to see so many API faces on U.S. Olympic promotional material. You know what's amazing? Chloe Kim. She became the first woman to defend her snowboarding gold medal, and she did it in decisive fashion off her first run of three in the finals. She also did it with humor and charm, talking about the churro sheet for breakfast and asking for a snack at her press conference. Fun fact, she hasn't lost the contest since 2019 when she competed with a broken ankle. Wow. You know what's amazing? The advertisers who are making commercials. Commercials featuring Madison chalk, Chloe Kim and Nathan Chen continue to highlight the impact that Asian Pacific Americans are making at the Olympics and will hopefully make it seem less foreign here at home. You know what's amazing? Beverly Jew. Also going by Julie. She's the young Chinese American who chose to compete for China as a figure skater. She's received plenty of vitriol on her less than fluent Chinese, and she still went out and competed. She also received plenty of hate for her poor performance and crying. The Olympics are a high level and stressful once every four years event. And many athletes are perfectionists and cry when they succeed as well as when they don't live up to their own expectations. The Chinese media is definitely treating her differently from the scores of American and Canadians playing for the Chinese hockey team who aren't fluent in Chinese and definitely didn't look great in their first game, losing zero to 8 to the U.S. team. You know, it's amazing. Eileen goo winning her first gold medal in the big air freestyle skiing competition. She did it by landing a double cork 1620 in her final run of the day. We looked it up. That's a move where you spend four and a half times while rotating twice off axis. I still kind of don't understand, even though I witnessed it, and I've read the description. It was amazing. Right. And I understand spinning. Right. It's the off axis part. Yeah. She ended up studying the French skier who was expected to win gold because she'd been leading going into the final round. You know, what's amazing, the treatment of Eileen goo by some people, including reporters. She isn't the only American born athlete to choose to compete for China or another the nation. But she's the only one to be repeatedly asked whether she supports China's terrible policies, treatment, and possible genocide of the Uyghur people. She's the only athlete that I've seen who's been asked repeatedly to weigh in on geopolitical issues..

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