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It's so fun to watch her as producers, we always love when someone's out there and challenges Ellen pokes her a little share shares very confident in who she is. And what she does. And she doesn't need to take any any grief from Ellen. And she knows literally the opposite of me literally, you see share onstage rehearsing or song, and you go like my God, she has been doing this forever. She is like the consummate professional knows exactly what to do has incredible comic, timing and just brings it. So now, Kevin had a brilliant idea that none of us thought would actually happen in which he was overdue for we have Dr Dr he was over to dry bar next to my favorite drinking place. Don, Kuko's, Oh, Lisa. they send us show. Kevin Lau's to leave Don Kuko's and get a blow out. Not worry about you're gonna say. So. Yeah. Dryer bars just opened and of course, share played a stylist and mermaids Ellen has Harris. Oh, who a better team to go and surprise people there and have them do their blowouts, and Ellen and share? And I was like there's no way share. It's going to go without win to the dry bar and blow hair cut the reaction to the folks in the dry bar when the door opens and Ellen and share walk into the brand new dry bar into Luca lake. It was awesome. It was fantastic share instantly said yes, Ellen got here early to do it. It was so much fun. We shot it and cut it all on the same day. I think we're putting the whole thing up on Ellen tubes. You can definitely see the whole thing there. If he were sure I rode in the car with share over there, and kind of pissed her through some ideas, he wanted to do and told her where we had some Whigs hidden. But and he was a little shaking. His Kevin never gets nervous. I'm very he was a little a little shaky around celebrities. He's a little shaky made me happy, it was fun. And like that's the coolest thing about our job is like Kevin Leman grew up loving share. And now he's producing her. In a comedy piece. So it really is a cool job. And it never gets old to me Kev yesterday. There was such an amazing moment in that piece. There's such an incredible moment, you know, sixteen years in it feels like everything has happened. But how often does someone call Ellen? Yeah. A word. Ellen loves to to poke poke poke and push buttons and share put up with it for a while. And then just unleashed a little bit Annell in in a way that made Ellen laugh her head off. Da scott. You too. No. Because like if you could reach a star, you can't really give them to somebody. It would it would be hot. You know what I mean? Like, that's doesn't make sense, right? No her. Yes. She knows me. They know me better than they know you. You know, share just had been poked by Ellen enough that share turned around and just said the b word share called Ellen a bitch in a way that was fantastic. Larry's everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially Ellen yet. Do guys follow share on Twitter, by the way. I do. She's you know, she is something the amount of emojis. She it's like my kids. Nobody uses emojis more than that woman, and she'll actually dole senses. Something mean them. Sometimes absolutely nothing. Yeah. They literally mean, I always think it's like she fell on her keyboard. That's what it looked. She and she talked about it with Ellen and about how sometimes she does a great job with it and other times, not so great. Very very active on Twitter. I don't know if you follow her. But if you do you'd know she's very active on Twitter, if you don't follow her you should and you should if you follow her. You should follow me. If you follow me on Twitter. You should follow me on Instagram. What we talking about shares tweets. Yes. So she's very active..

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