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Us at metro bath dot com Bathroom remodeling It's what we do It's all we do 5 28 Traffic and weather on the 8s and Dave dill dine in the WTO traffic setting It is a new crash reported in a common spot on the south end of the Baltimore Washington Parkway in the lane that goes south toward kenilworth avenue in D.C. two 95 Police should be heading to or arriving on scene 95 no crashes two 70 northbound slow and gay and clarksburg Route three southbound at one 75 another crash prone location There's one there now traffic is backed up on route three coming off I 97 southbound Sule and Parkway outbound slow traffic leads to one that went off the Parkway on the right side in the grass near branch avenue By now both lanes in the Parkway may be open but with rubbernecking potentially In Arlington Virginia the crash on glee road between chain bridge road and military road should be clear county officials say George Washington Parkway the crash southbound near 27 Washington boulevard should be clear But Georgetown pike remains closed both ways between Tolstoy and wrote and old dominion drive The crash there was serious and your difficult run the investigation as ongoing keeping Georgetown pike blocked Fairfax county Parkway a new crash reported near gamble road It sounds minor Just a brief delay And in loudoun county officials say that route 15 is now open both ways north of saint Clair lane and south of the point of rocks bridge ID me saving taxpayers over $210 billion securing identities providing equitable access and preserving control of personal data More at ID dot me slash our promise Dave dillin WTO traffic Two Brianna Berman solo Seen reports of fog and mist after The Rain today watch for slick roads areas of standing water and then areas of ice overnight We are going.

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