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Hi, guys. I don't know why the largest excellent operator. Hey, guys this girl, Mandy, aka Debbie each. I n go through on my as. But once again, we are dropping yet another episode for our wonderful patrons. Thank you guys so much again for supporting us and just helping us build his brand to be what it is like I'm super excited. Yalo the reason I feel like my pussy is on another level because the bitches on HBO now. Bitch. I feel like I'm fucking. So as most of you guys know, very like even from the very beginning of the podcast. I have you know, talked about my way and house affected me. And like most of you know, if you don't know I did have surgery in January I had the VS GM, which is like the gastric sleeve, and I'm so very excited because I'm finally going to open up about the process about my insecurities with my weight gain over the years, how it affected me in the bedroom as well as how it affected me with dating how I see myself. And I'm so very happy to be having this conversation alongside a very good friend of mine and fellow podcast there. I have Niamh mum. Hello, everyone from the sophisticated ignorance podcast. I have been a guest on that show twice. They're super mazing Stephen hurt hosts allowed me to talk about colors, and all these other issues that I felt it was like the it's honestly one of my. My favorite episode that I've ever done outside of my own show. Honestly, and I've told Stephen that multiple times. So. Nymex here I know y'all like we'll bitch washy here on the show. We all know who. But Naima is here because she had the same surgery as I did. Yes, I did and Yabe talking shit, but she's a beautiful chocolate. Wonderful black woman do on her thing. I hear and she's also kind of dealt with the same issues that I did. And also, I just feel like I can't speak on the entire process myself. So I hit her up, and I was like, hey, girl. Student. Could you have this conversation with me and she say yes S Lilley row? Quick you let them know. What else you've actually opened up about this prior? You did a documentary on your journey. I did I did a documentary about the surgery that ahead as well. As my best break up with my ex stemmed the documentary 'cause I was going through a lot of time. And in the course of the break-up the surgery happened. And if you want to see the documentary, it is actually on my podcast website Asakusa that net. You check it out. It's I'm I'm just I'm glad that you're as transparent as I am, especially when it comes to your weight as women. Yano? It's it's it's difficult to talk about. But at the same time, we also wanna walk around like we have this confidence..

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