Jack Ciattarelli Is in a Surprisingly Tight Race With Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy in New Jersey


You, I love New Jersey. I know a lot of people are always kind of trashing on New Jersey. They have some of the toughest, proudest people in the country. They really do. They love their state and they're very defensive of it. New Jersey was supposed to be a cakewalk. Ten points, Murphy is gonna waltz to victory. And by the way, if Murphy ever thought him going on television and campaigning was a good idea, he should have pulled a Biden. As soon as I saw him on TV, I got animated to try to make sure he's never in leadership again. He's kind of got that. What did you say? Roger Keaton look, like Michael Keaton look, Michael Keaton used car salesman better call so hello, everybody, and I am now the governor of New Jersey. Thank you so much. Am I playing my role? Fake smile, thank you. Good to see you. And as a challenger, you have Jackson orelli, who just ran a grassroots campaign in the most no help whatsoever from the outside. Zero help whatsoever. And breaking right now as we are doing this show Republican Jack chitrali has just taken a 700 vote lead in the garden state. None of this was supposed to happen. Phil Murphy is calling up Tony Soprano. He's calling up Don Corona. He's calling up everyone he possibly can. And look, it's New Jersey. So if you want to talk about shenanigans corner cut and they perfected that entire thing. I don't say that as an insult to New Jersey. I'm just saying, buckle up. That's where that's where a lot of this stuff, unfortunately is centered. Now there's still a lot of votes left in Essex county. I'm sure Stacey Abrams is on her way up. But again, they probably, most of these ballots were probably on a ship off of the coast of Long Beach, California, and were never able to make it.

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