A highlight from Ethiopian Rebel Alliance Termed Impotent

Newscast - Africa


You'll listen to the news on Africa business radio. They talk in authorities have described as impotent and alliance of 9 anti government groups formed to fight federal forces and their allies, government spokesman committed this isa claimed a new coalition had no support and was weakest political force in the country. He says the rebel groups are baseless, have no social basis and they have no capacity to change anything. Mister Kerry de Ada, but he regarded current France as a normal Serbian politics because whenever there is a need for political stability in the country, it will end as far as come together and form an alliance thinking that the government can sustain par and the government is weakened. That was news and his time on Africa business radio, you can continue to listen live online at WWW dot, Africa business radio dot com or where I'm about app. I am trigon on some Modi and thank you for listening.

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