The AP Interview: Jayapal pushes Biden for $3T spending bill


The head of the house progressive caucus says she is pushing president Joe Biden to hold firm when it comes to build back better Washington democratic representative from village I appall the leader of the house progressives tells the AP that the cost of president Biden social spending plan isn't as important as to what's in it is it's really not about the number it's about what programs are in there even so she is determined to keep the overall measure closer to three trillion dollars rather than the two trillion dollar range Biden has mentioned in the Associated Press interview j'ai appall listed the top priorities of the one hundred or so liberal house Democrats the care economy includes housing includes immigration includes health care particularly expanding Medicare and it includes climate change in acting Biden's agenda remains far from certain with the Senate evenly split moderate Democrats Joe Manchin and Kirsten cinema have called for a much lower price tag for the proposal Tim McGuire Washington

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