Biden Approval Rating Continues to Plummet: Battered on Trust, Leadership, Competency in Poll


Anyone. That's actually a deeply rational person. And thinking like tucker. Carlson is a little bit confused about one aspect of the biden white house. There's a lot of not confused about. It's not an easy explanation. It isn't and here's why out today. Quinnipiac their new poll has come out and said that joe biden's approval rating thirty eight percent of the country approves fifty three percent disapproves competency forty two percent. Thanks joe biden is competent fifty. Five percents is not now you might say while those are some terrible numbers. I know. i can't believe forty. Two percent of americans think joe biden is competent. The border twenty. Three percent of americans approve of joe. Biden's handling the border. Sixty seven percent of americans disapprove of joe biden's handling of the border and so these numbers are dreadful. They are some of the worst numbers of a president in modern history. The average price of beef is up twelve percent. Bacon is up seventeen percent pork steak eleven point three percent poultry up seven percent fish and seafood up ten point six percent. Joe biden has a negative approval rating on the f- ouchi virus on the economy on foreign policy on the mexican border and on taxes thirty seven percent approval rating on taxes twenty three percent approval rating on the mexican border thirty four percent approval rating on foreign policy thirty nine percent approval rating on the

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