Every Choice During the Pandemic Is a Roll of the Dice


What I don't even know what decisions are right decisions anymore. I feel like such an idiot. I've got a, I'm gonna share this with you. I've got a family friend and a wedding. This coming weekend. And I know that many of the people who are gonna be congregating, don't believe in the vaccine. And I happen to believe in the vaccine. I respect your right not to. Just as I'm sure people who don't want to get the vaccine, respect my right to get a vaccine. I guess my doctor's getting me ready to give me the second Johnson & Johnson. Shot tomorrow. I'll be the first dope that dies of a vaccine overdose. I'm gonna have I'm gonna have horns and eyeballs growing out of my forehead by Friday. Either that or I'll get COVID and die anyway. I mean, you just wonder. And for me, it's role in the dice. You play the odds. I lost a bunch of weight because I thought being that real fat was gonna increase my chances of dying if I got COVID. But I'm going to live my life. Colin Powell lived his life. So this wedding for me next week has been agonizing because I was invited. And I'd love to be there. And I'm just not that comfortable with being in an enclosed space with dozens and dozens and dozens of people who aren't going to be vaccinated. Now I'm probably being stupid and thankfully this is a wonderful family and they're gracious and they're forgiving. I mean, I know they've behind my back. They're calling me a big fat baby, and they'd be right. I am. I'm a big fat baby. I know

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