Fauci: J&J Vaccine 'Should Have Been a Two-Dose Vaccine'


What do you make of news like Fauci's news that for those of us who got the J&J? Well, it should have been a two dose vaccine not one. It should have been two doses like Pfizer and Moderna Moderna is. Now you're telling us, well, you know why they're telling us now? Because they've had 9 ten months to study it. That's what people are afraid of. That's why you're worried about the vaccine because this is all new. It's clear as can be. Listen to what Fauci said. Now he's about as clear as mud on a good day, but here's foushee explaining why the FDA adviser believes that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine should have been two doses. Doctor Fauci, the FDA advisory panel unanimously recommended booster doses for the J&J vaccine. But the advice is for all people over 18 to get the shot even after just two months. We know this vaccine was not as effective as others. So should those 15 million people who got the vaccine be concerned given these recommendations? No, not at all. I think that they should feel good about it because what the advisers to the FDA felt is that given the data that they saw very likely this should have been a two dose vaccine to begin with. So the idea of wreck of making a recommendation that people who originally received J&J should receive a second dose 18 or older with none of the restrictions about whether or not you're at a high risk or not at a high risk, is that everyone who received that first dose of J&J were 18 and old that should receive it. So I think that's a very good thing. And I think it's very favorable for those who have received the J&J vaccine. I don't see that as a problem at

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