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Do you see her? Do you see her? Yeah, she's eating whatever she wants and we're all eating with her. Because she's fucking skinny. Hi, Rachel Hampton. And I'm Madison Malone kircher. You're listening to I see why am I? In case you missed it, slate's podcast about Internet culture. Madison. You are in my house. I know. This is so thrilling. For me and the icy wine my guys, none of whom I'm assuming have been in your home. No, y'all aren't invited to my home. I love y'all but not like that. Yes, I'm in your house. I'm sitting in your kitchen. It's very bright. There's a lot of skylights in here. It's my favorite part of the apartment. No dishwasher. Yeah, no dishwasher. There's not a lot of appliances. Madison, where are you going? To see what's in your fridge. You, of course, you must look in my fridge. I already know what you're going to say. I could hear two things. I'm not just a tolerant. Who needs that much oatmeal? Okay, we buy oat milk in bulk, so we don't run out. Me and my roommate share oat milk. I just feel like I'm being a share your moist grains. Yes. Yes, we do. What, you and your girlfriend have separate things of milk? I don't, yeah. That's weird. Well, I don't use milk and shoes as half and half. We really lost the bladder. But Madison, besides dragging me for my large amount of oat milk, why are you in my home? I'm in your kitchen because today on I see why am I we're gonna be cooking. It's cooking show today. We'll actually be putting our chef hats on later in the show, but before that. It was called tukes, tokes. I think it's tokes. About bows is the way Canadians said beanies, but it's also a chef's hat. Wow. Remy, the rat of all my dreams, ratatouille, that's what he's hiding under. A chef's toke. We'll be putting those on later in the show. Without the rat, maybe. No, definitely. Okay, Rachel, tell the people why we're cooking today. We are gonna be cooking the bowl that has taken over TikTok. The infamous Emily marico Simon bowl that has started waves and waves and waves of discourse. Okay, Emily Marco is a 29 year old content creator from the Bay Area. She used to work for Facebook, but now she's a full-time content maker. She's been in the lifestyle of YouTube game for years. She joined the platform in 2010. If you set her videos to oldest first, the earliest one you'll find is from 2012. It's her trying on a maxi dress. Okay, so this dress is something that I got from TJ Maxx. It's a Calvin Klein maxi dress that sort of has these royal blue water colored print to it. And it's got kind of like a very bold pattern and a belt. You can picture it. You can absolutely picture it. So she's got about 375,000 followers on YouTube, which is a pretty decent following. Yeah. Mind you, about 75,000 of those have come on board in the last 30 days, which leads us to how exponentially her TikTok following has grown in that same 30 days. Her hulk is that she's quote unquote that girl. If you're not familiar with the concept of that girl, it's like an aspirational lady, you know? You wake up, you take your walk. You drink your lemon water. You slice your cucumbers into perfect half inch rounds, then you journal. You have a rice cake with a single swipe of almond butter on it for breakfast. And then you go on another run. This is not quite Emily, but it is definitely in the spirit of the thing. She is always wiping down her already immaculately clean kitchen counters. She makes a lot of simple recipes with whole ingredients, which brings us to the bowl. Oh, I thought we were going to talk about how she eats cream cheese. Like that and of itself, a whole podcast. I mean, Emily eats cream cheese, which is for that girl of it all kind of shocking. No, that's not that girl. Minimal to no talking and a lot of her tiktoks. So I don't even know if I know what her voice sounds like. I have heard her speak. But it's very ASMR. It's a lot of noises of forks. Hitting goals. Clanking into bowls, gently depressing spoons into an avocado. I don't know why these boys comes out of me crunching. As soon as you said the word ASMR, you kind of have to go into an ASMR voice. So Emily's explosion on the TikTok scene comes at the end of September. She posts as we described a word list video, making a lunch of leftover salmon. She post videos like this one all the time. But for some reason, this particular video just sinks its teeth into the TikTok algorithm and says, I will never let go. Grips, TikTok and a chokehold. That sound to your hearing is the sound from the TikTok. We should describe the bowl a little. It's a very simple combination of salmon and rice, some Mayo, some hot sauce, some soy sauce, avocado, seaweed. It's delicious. Little kimchi on the side if you got it. How many times Rachel has this video been viewed, Madison has been viewed 60.2 million times, which is viral by any stretch of the imagination. Since that video got posted, she has gained over 4 million followers. She now has 5.1 million. She started with 70,000 at the beginning of September. Nice work if you can get it. Damn. Just making a bowl, which again, as you said, if you scroll back through her videos before this one, she's made this bowl before. It looks good, but again, it's a bowl of the food that I'm used to seeing on TikTok is usually very stylized. Like I look at it and I don't think, oh, I can make that. I look at it and I think, I'm glad I can watch this, but I'm never gonna make this. Yes, I have to figure out how to make lavender edible. I'm not going to make the thing you're describing to me. I have never in my life. I'm not going to make a fucking lavender. What? I get culture. Love that for y'all. So this video, again, goes massively viral. And because nothing can go viral without waves of reaction, there have been several, I'd say. Yeah. In the past few weeks. We're gonna give you four, though there are always little microwaves that that is in fact why we're at your house because you own a microwave and I do not. In accidental pun anyway, there are always little my influence. Little waves that we can't get to because this is a 25 minute podcast, but so the first wave is purely positive. Oh my God, this bowl is amazing. And what's also happening is as more and more people make this bowl and see this bowl, more people on TikTok are seeing some variation of this bowl. So Emily is blowing up as more and more people start making this bowl. And then there's round two, which is really mixing our oceanic sports metaphors here. So the waves are the rounds. They're both. Anyway, the second round of this is people saying Emily is heal my relationship with food. You can eat Mayo and rice. This is so inspiring. And we have thoughts about that. We will share them. We will. On to round wave three, which is the bad faith backlash. We start hearing from people on TikTok trying to make the recipe quote unquote, healthy, there are some discussion of classism inherent in this salmon rice bowl, some of which is I would say valid and some of which feels like a reach. We should probably also note that we don't actually know all that much. About Emily Marco. No. I think what people have found out is what you could probably find out from finding her on LinkedIn. LinkedIn, I mean, I watched like an early video of hers where she does like 25 facts about me. And so that's, you know, it feels good to repeat the information at least having come from her mouth. But she

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