Israel, US to Discuss Military Drills


Hewitt from the headline in the times of Israel this morning. Israel U.S. to discuss military drills to prep for worst case Iran scenario. The story includes this line, a Wednesday report said the Israeli defense forces will hold a large scale exercise over the Mediterranean in the spring with dozens of aircraft simulating a strike against Iran's nuclear program. I'm joined by Michael Lauren now. You can follow him on a doctor or DR Michael orin on Twitter. Good morning, Michael. How are you? I'm good. I'm not optimistic that this administration will do anything serious about Iran, are you? I would doubt it. I would doubt it. Maybe I'd be pleasantly surprised. I mean, it's kind of clear that this administration doesn't have a military option. President, even president Obama used to say, all options are on the table, including a military option, the current administration says it talks fails. We'll look at other options, but they never said a military option. I agree. Yesterday, president Trump on this show said that Iran would have buckled on the first day of a new term for him because they were close to crumbling. Do you agree with that assessment? Well, I know for a fact that the major violations of the JCPOA did not occur under the Trump administration after 2018 when we pulled out of the Jaco. The major fire ending violations only began when it was clear that there would be a different administration at The White House. And that that administration was committed to going back to the JSON POA. And not seeking not basically trying to replace it with a much better deal. So the Iranians knew that they could ratchet up the pressure, and that the administration would basically keep on going after the volume. It's quite a spy that finally will be the Americans walked away from the table during the first time they've walked away from the table. We've had a situation where in this case the. Customer has been running after the merchant of the merchant running that's the customer. And running simply ratchet up the price every time. Did you see what they do

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