'Rigged' Author Mollie Hemingway Tells Us What to Expect From Her Latest Book


The book we're talking to Molly Hemingway author of rigged How the media big tech in our Democrats seized our elections What can we expect in the book Things will learn in there because I think we're all suspicious Molly and it's the most American thing we can do is to ask questions I mean we had an unprecedented at least in modern times pandemic and election with millions of mail in ballots with counties that had very little experience with mass mail in ballots Florida has a lot of experience with that Therefore their election went off pretty well So what can we expect to find in the book Because a lot of people are still really concerned about this given 2022 being right around the corner So I tell a lot of stories detailed substantiated stories mostly focusing on Georgia Wisconsin and Pennsylvania But at heart it really deals with two big issues And the first one which kind of blew me away was the role that Mark Elias played in corrupting our elections I had been following Marc Elias because he was the guy who created the Russia collusion hoax in 2016 He was Hillary Clinton's general counsel He's the one who paid the people to make up the Russia story So I'd already been calling him I couldn't believe what a big role he played in corrupting our 2020 elections by enacting hundreds of changes of important election integrity laws flooding the zone with the mail in ballots We had such a more than threefold increase in the number of mail in ballots And it was just like you said done very sloppily And then the other thing was that I had been led to believe that when Mark Zuckerberg put $419 million of his money into the election system that this was like bipartisan help for COVID relief It wasn't That was a lie It was an overtaking of governmental election offices which are supposed to be preserved from partisan politics to run the democratic get out the vote operation and they focused on blue cities and counties in swing states Philadelphia to turn Pennsylvania and the cities in Wisconsin to turn Wisconsin Atlanta to turn Georgia and it was plotted out very savvy completely wrong I mean they just brought in an army of left wingers to run democratic operations in inside our governmental election offices And it was really effective

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