Sebastian and Hans Von Spakovsky Discuss Old School Ballot Fraud


So let's look specifically hands. At what happened last year. And I'm not a former election commissioner. I'm not a lawyer, you served in the DOJ correct. There's a lot of so here's my layman's take and you tell me if it resonates. Conservatives are concerned. Justifiably aged because the incumbent president received more votes than any other incumbent president in history. And in four battleground states, the vote count was halted, and then the results reversed when the vote count was started again. So at least there are questions in four battleground states. For all the theories that have been developed since then, there are various baskets of theories. Some, rather ones, such as data farms in Germany, Venezuela, dominion, voting machines, memory sticks, algorithms, Wi-Fi access to electronic systems. My argument is a very simple one. If you know that the vote reversal occurred in places like Philadelphia in Atlanta, these are places that have, in some cases, Chicago, decades long history of fraught elections. And old school fraud is perhaps where we should start. The idea that ballot stuffing, filling out election ballots for people who aren't actually the person on the ballot. Does it make sense if you're looking to address these issues to follow the kiss principle and to stay with the keep it simple and start with that which we know, I mean, it's a joke, Philadelphia Chicago. These are box of jokes for decades. Before we get to these ideas of computers and algorithms, we have a lot of work to do with just very prosaic, do we not? Yeah, no, no, you've analyzed it exactly right. If you want to look at problems, the elections, you look at the ways elections have been stolen in the past. Right. And for those who think that doesn't still happen. I mean, look, you mentioned ballot stuffing, right? Okay, just a couple of weeks ago. And this didn't get this got almost no media attention. It was the media that is like covering this. Just a couple of weeks ago, a former election official in Philadelphia, who was actually a staffer for a member of the city council and who was responsible for running at least three polling places in Philly. She was indicted by the acting U.S. attorney for stuffing ballot boxes in her three precincts with bogus votes. It's an old school fraud. Yes, and for those who think that was isolated, no, last year in May also in Philadelphia, another election official was charged with exactly the same

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