A highlight from 1259: Uber To Add 50,000 Tesla Model 3s | 27 Oct 2021


Harris did that today. Patriot produce gets added to the list. Daniel harris thank you so much patriot dot com slash news daily. And of course if you're a sport of the show your ad free feed in the patriot dash bald so you. I'm going to listen to the ads. Now we'll start with a brand new range rover the world premiere of the knee range rover and he will come and plug in foam but not quite pure battery. Electric foam at least not yet They say that every nameplate will be available with pure electric propulsion by the end of the decade. If you're a fan of the range. Rover brand. Helping jaguar landrover. The parent company achieved zero carbon across products operations and supply chain by getting ready for this twenty thirty nine. That seems a long way away if you had if you had a kid. Now that have the eighteenth birthday and jagua landrieu.

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