Max McLean's Play 'The Most Reluctant Convert' Tracks C.S. Lewis's Journey From Atheism to Christianity


I've lived long enough to where my friend max McLean has made a film called the most reluctant convert, the untold story of C. S. Lewis. So how did you come to make this film? Well, COVID had a lot to do with it. The play was running. We were doing a lot of college tours with the play. March 15th of last year, everything ended. When did the most reluctant convert become a play and tell my audience in case they don't know why is it titled the most reluctant convert? Well, it's about Louis's journey from vigorous to bunker of Christianity to becoming the most reluctant convert in all of England. I gave in and admitted that God is God, nelton prayed, perhaps the most dejected, reluctant, convert 7 or English. And those long story, it started with the death of his mother at, I guess he was 9. He had a terrible relationship with his father. He experienced the brutality of World War I and this got into the conclusion that either there's no God behind the universe, a God indifferent to go to an evil or worse an evil God. And that's where that's kind of the Nader of his disbelief and it's from there that we follow his journey to becoming the most influential Christian of the 20th

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