A highlight from NASCAR Cup Rookie of the Year Chase Briscoe

The Final Lap


The final lap with Carrie Murphy is on. NASCAR Champions League roles on from Nashville, Tennessee this week and we've got all the same stuff on display from Tuesday. Plus, this is gonna be so cool. Burnouts on Broadway. I love stock cars ripping up surface streets in the police just standing by watching. It's gonna feature all 16 NASCAR playoff drivers and cars plus the Xfinity series and truck series champions will be on hand as well doing burnouts. That's happening from 6 30 to 8 p.m. central, so if you're near the area, go check it out. All right, let's hear from NASCAR Cup Series rookie of the year, chase Briscoe. Yeah, it's super special. You know, I wish that there was a lot more guys going for it this year. There's only two of us, but still special to win it. You know, for me, I never a millionaire thought going to run one truck series race, let alone win The Rookie of the year now in all threes. So it's super humbling and super special to be able to be one of the few guys that have won it in all three is really special as well. So glad that the first year is over, there's definitely a lot of growing pains and things to learn, but hopefully this is just the first of many years in the Cup Series and something that I continue to do. Yeah, the biggest thing is just how competitive it is. You know, you hear all the time how tough the Cup Series is and just how good everybody is and if you think about it, you know, everybody at the cup level from first place to really the top 30 has won at every level they've been in and have been guys that have won their entire career and it's just a really competitive series. The final lap dot com.

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