There's No Legislative Purpose in Congress Reviewing President Trump's Tax Returns


So we have this piece in the hill by Naomi Jagoda In Harper Nye dig beats me Anyway federal judge yesterday dismissed an effort from former president Trump to prevent the Treasury Department at IRS from providing House Democrats with his tax returns Look how it's Trump They dismissed his effort to protect his tax returns from Congress Now folks Donald Trump is a private citizen There is absolutely no reason for Congress to have his tax returns None Do you have no of any ex-president that has been treated this way In this latest attack I mean do you know any president that's been treated this way Ex-president They don't want to know about George HW Excuse me George W. Bush's taxes They don't want to know anything about Obama and the hundreds of millions that he's pulled in Why not Now I'm telling you right now when the Republicans if the Republicans take the house and I want to talk about that in a minute if the Republicans take the house they damn well better get on their bikes here They should target Obama or Clinton and somebody and demand their taxes And if the judges think it's no big deal that Congress has a legitimate effort and trying to make tax policy based on what public officials are doing then they should subpoena these This judge is taxes and Supreme Court Justices taxes Why suggest the president our former president in this case There's no legislative purpose

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