Miranda Devine on Why Hunter Biden Is a Sleazeball


Some of these situations which Hunter Biden literally involving some pretty sleazy people who I would imagine would would put him into some very uncomfortable situations right Well basically thanks to Joe Biden Hunter Biden was introduced to the inner sanctum of both president Xi of China and Vladimir Putin in Russia He was mixing with the oligarchs who were at the very top of both of those power structures both in Moscow and in Beijing and in Shanghai His father introduced him to those people In fact in 2013 when Joe Biden was vice president he flew hunter on air force two with him to Beijing for a series of meetings with president Xi and the big weeks there in China And he also was introduced at that time to one of Hunter Biden's new business partners because a few days after they left Beijing hunter of course the deal was signed and delivered on a basically a fund and investment fund that would grow to by 2019 have $2.5 billion worth of managed funds funds invested in it And the Hunter Biden still owns 10% of that business It's called bhr And you know that means that the president's son was in business with the Chinese Communist Party

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