George Stephanopoulos Pretends He's Unbias yet Spent a Career Advising Democrats


An ABC News George Stephanopoulos who I call the unbiased journalist George of Annapolis used to be Bill Clinton's campaign chief communications guy in The White House For two terms ran his campaign I mean he and James carville got Bill Clinton elected Now James carville doesn't pretend like he's a journalist He's out there as a rabid Democrat but with stephanopoulos does every Sunday when he hosts the ABC this week and when he's on Good Morning America as he pretends he's the chief political guy and he pretends like he's impartial He spent his entire career before getting to the media advising Democrats This is what I mean I could never do that Even though I've been advising Republicans my entire career And I'm a conservative talk radio host In order for me to get a job like that If they were to call me if you only want you to host meet the press Oh my God what an honor Absolutely What do I have to do Well you have to do the following Denounce Trump denounce every Republican then genuflect in front of the Democrat altar and declare yourself completely independent But they don't make Democrats do that When they give them shows they just go here Now you're a host Oh okay Well thank you That's so nice of you Thank you so

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