Dr. Keith Rose Explains the Dire Fertilizer Supply Crisis


Joining us now is a friend of the show and someone that is a great American, doctor Keith rose. And we're going to go into a lot of different issues, but he really piqued my curiosity. We're talking the other day about something that everyone needs to be aware of about not just the supply chain issue, but there's another shortage issue, and remember we are 9 meals away from anarchy. And if there is a fertilizer shortage, we're going to have some big problems Keith. Welcome back. Tell us what's going on here and why should people care about this fertilizer shortage that people could see some news reports on, but this is going to affect everybody. What's going on? Good morning, Charlie. What's going on with that? Fertilizer situation right now is it's becoming harder and harder to get fertilizer. And for your listeners to understand the importance of fertilizer. Most fertilizer that is utilized in the growth of crops, especially commercial crops is synthetic fertilizer. Yeah, it's a nitrogen based fertilizer. The way you make that fertilizer fertilizers with natural gas. The price and it's being reported that this is the reason this is happening, but the spike in the price of natural gas is driving the largest fertilizer producer CF industries here in the United States to stop making it. It's becoming too cost prohibited, prohibited. And at the same time, Brazil, I mean, not Brazil, but China and Russia, the two largest exporters of fertilizer have stopped exporting fertilizer. It used to be third fertilizer with $350 a ton. Now it's $650 a ton. And if you can get it in 6 months, it's projected to go $950 a ton. What this means to the average American citizen is 35% of the cost of growing crops is fertilizer. And the average commercial farmer, the mom and pop farmers will not be able to afford fertilizer to grow crops. That with a major shortage of fertilizer and also a shortage of chemicals for pesticide control. Is going to potentially put us in a famine like crisis. By the spring, which is the prime growth

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