Phil Kerpen Comments on NY Gov. Kathy Hochul's Latest Mask Mandate


You Phil Kathy hochul who is incredibly the selected governor of New York having people yearn for the days of Andrew Cuomo again which is quite bizarre Cavi Ho just a few hours ago issued a new mask mandate because in northeastern states that is supposed to be paragons of virtue in dealing with the coronavirus Are having a bit of a seasonal outbreak which we all predicted Phil how many times are we gonna smash our heads against the counter with these mask mandates and pretend these things are working I mean am I crazy here but I'm asking you a simple question If masks work then why aren't masks working Am I missing something No I think that that sort of high level common sense would help a lot of some of our political officials were willing to recognize error I mean I think that New York they're dealing with something now that's called winter and for whatever reason they didn't seem to anticipate that that would happen this year And look I mean we've got Dan you've seen all the studies There are million studies the masks that he's either say they do nothing or they help like 5% 10% And if you're in a big wave they might as well be zero even if it is a little bit because you're going to come into a contact at somewhere one way or another And I just think that at this point almost two years into it this idea that somehow government can impose policies that are going to prevent people from being exposed to a virus that I think it's pretty obvious everyone's going to be exposed to It's just a complete insanity that this is still going

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