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Was thinking leap. Thunder the mountain is at number nine and security example of that live in the studio thing. That he was creating as well as this. This thing where he started looking half St- back before even fifties rock and roll he started going into standards and jump blues and other stuff that you know is kind kinda pre Elvis Presley, Berry John I mean this is I think an example of a track where it started to become clear that he was going to be pushing into new territory in the. Twenty first century do recall your I listen to yeah I think what you say kind of the way he you have to pay attention a little bit but the combination of the song of like it's kind of like Bob Wills is kind of rock million talk about Marini it's combining all these things in the kind of his own idiom of the pass it's subtle. Detail John that you don't really aren't necessarily always together despite all the history hostile times people could have done it, and this is one of those examples of that where he's. Making the pass, the history kind of his own in in this release way I was always struck by the beginning where it makes it clear that you're hearing a band kind of start up in a room sending a message that this is again, this is not time out of mind. This is something else altogether, and then as we're working on this, I realized that in the Bible Thunder on the mountain is actually like at that's God that's a signal. That's that's a god, says he's arrives in it's also like it begins this thing in the twentieth century of Dylan being sort of like horny on main. Part of the thing of him making clear that he's not half dead is showing. He's like really really alive. So he's Kinda like lusting after Lisa keys and I've stuck the milk from a thousand cows. Is this like old timey blues boasting about its sort of sexual prowess which is you know I think wears a lot better from an old man somehow you Kinda gets A pass but I. You know I I find that amusing hopefully everyone does I. Love the Alicia Keys referencing that song because you just classic the that at its core as as you guys have said is about either pre rock and roll forties and fifties music or it's about like ancient biblical history, but it's also about cool young pop star two, thousand, six, I. And number ten, Duquesne Whistle, which is definitely one of my favorite. Letter. To keynote. Blowing. A. Sweet by one. Actually have a boss deliver teacher that I got one of his concerts that features the phrase can't you hear that Duquesne Whistle blowing on a picture retrain? Is this it's a great song. It you know has this great kind of rollicking band energy that we've been talking about many associate Americans have the lyrics are so tightly written and so great. He's just throwing this barrage of wildly the place imagery at you. It's a song that could be about God death love sex listening to us. It could be about an actual trumpet or whistle or whatever the instrument that you looking into is. It really sweeps you in an incredible scenes that are for that album tempest, which is an album that has Saturday songs and some other songs there. Maybe not not great, but it starts off on a really strong. I always loved the Intro, which is this kind of little jazzy piece like this little kind of. A true inter that stands standard from the song, and as soon as they heard it just knowing Bob's ways that was like this came from somewhere specific I believe it's a Deli were more in tune amusingly in in the interview dealing cited I forgot what but a totally different source which I think he just got confused it's pretty clearly this thing. It's a great example of short sounds exactly like this little sort of ragtime thing from nineteen thirty. But like who else is bringing you that in this century in any fresh context, you know it's it's a wonderful interpretation of it. Number eleven is Huq's tune which I. Almost, forgot existed it's great. Decision. And under. My Future. Is Really. Great Fun any the story behind that wind is that you know a few years earlier gave written things have changed or wonder boys directed by Curtis Hanson that as you've discussed, this is when it pops great songs ever. had. A. New movie again, showed Bob and early. Opera Disgrace on for it in movie his kind of faded into obscurity and as a result song the either. But it's a really really great song this. Beautiful stately love? Song has real emotional honesty and openness. It's rare in Audubon. He's one of a few people. It's like when you win Oscar for a movie song, it feels so good that you then say, yes to a lot of movies afterwards it's true springsteen to you just keep writing more and more open for the next ask earned it doesn't work out but it often prompts. It's also like it seems to be a great songwriting prompt for great songwriters said I'm glad he were some great songs for perhaps forgettable movies. Let's go to number thirteen I contain multitudes. Jamaa Has. Off. A point worth making about Bob both in century in last century is the sense of humor which people sometimes forget about. It can be really funny. An assignment said this song. Parts that are quote absurd verging on insane which I think is the only thing you could possibly say about the song seminarian would. Be An frank thing. Lead you in that direction that run? Yeah. That's the one. English says I. I'm just like an frank. You're okay. Just like Indiana Jones your. Name is Anan British bad boys the rolling stones I mean he's gotTa be messing with you. There's No. Irving that that makes sense but it's a it's a weird. Funny I like how it shows you the Bob still you know he's he's still in there. He's joking around the take himself too seriously, which is ultimately what that song multitudes outright he's he's kind of both puddings off in the context of these great artists throughout time you know exulted Walt Whitman or will you bake but he's also showing the kind of still the trickster after all these years he's kind of. I mean technically speaking he does have things in common with Anne Frank Indiana Jones and the rolling stones that alter the. It's just a deranged thing to say, but he's not wrong. It's just very weird. Like I I paint landscapes paint nudes is just amazing. It's just that I drive fast cars that eat fast foods. It's hard to it's hard to police yourself in the mindset in which he wrote the song but it it's I think that makes it all the more. Entertaining he's gotTa be nothing but he Sounds like that? You love bit. The only is done to date on this album on very serious interview arrested Harry serious doubt that song those lines and game answers that are just clearly with the interview attribute of your that. Yeah especially with the Frank Franklin, he's like every line has a purpose and all three of those characters are locked together. So I would love to get in his mindset it's how they are locked together. And then he started praising jump Blues Music for Raiders of the lost Ark which I love to but I did not expect. From him he's like a an interview. He's like a vending machine where you put the coin unlike anything could come out. You know he's like the world's most insane vending machine like. Like you do not know what's GonNa come like if you gave me a list of ten things, he was likely to stay in one of them was we're absolutely rhapsodised the work of John Williams on the Indiana. Jones score I would not have guessed that number nineteen we have one of the standards that Bob recorded he got into a deep groove of. Records which were a lot of them were kind of Frank Sinatra associated and there seemed to on the surface again to be a certain perversity to why would Bob Dylan of all people Be Recording these pre rock standards. But what it really was was an expression of where his musical interests started to lie and also part of his route that he hadn't really explored. But you can hear the influence of these kinds of songs on a lot of his twenty first century stuff I you know I mean. Beyond the horizon for instance is basically a rewrite of red sails in the sunset, which is a you know like a bing crosby song. That's probably the most blatant one. But gentle maybe talk about why why was born?.

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