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Just. He's my right hand man to ask brother's six-year adjustable arm. That's a that's an intelligent armed joke. Mine was mentally pan arm and hand. I went and dropped it off and I got it back justify. Merry Christmas. You're getting your own back. Home can even brought all. I want for Christmas firearm. Yeah you ready. You ready to be glad you're not related to this Guy Mark. Hunger and even brought his skeletal arm to Christmas dinner with his family. Thought it'd be a good centerpiece lookout. Plant some flowers. If you had to make the choice between the arm or my racist uncle I sit next to the arm. I don't Wanna sit next Dave Green. Gimme a hand over here. I look. I'd rather talk to the arm and uncle. Jeff who's GonNa make a whole big thing about in you. It's I don't want to face a listening. Some of them wanted to touch it. Some of them don't want to touch it. It's just mixed feelings when people see it. No Shit you mean the wide range of spectrum when someone arm on the arm added Dinner Table. Onen plans to show more friends and family his Linda for retirement. Do you have any more arm? Yeah there's a little more on the kitchen. Do you want a white meat or dark meat? Our GIMme Gimme anything from above the Elbow Green Bean casserole in the sandwich. Okay listen to this the Edmonton Edmund. Tony in sorry. Make a wish on the elbow. Plan the arms a little game for me. He plans to show more friends and family his limb before retiring. This are retired twenty years ago. What do you mean retiring it? Does he send it up to the rafters? Brett farve retired effort crazy. Well I'm just GONNA keep it probably behind the sink in the kitchen. I'm happy I did it. It's just not for the sink in the kitchen. Show you the picture of this guy who's going to be like. Oh look at this fellow wait. Is that the army's old yes? And he's holding the arm. He's holding his skeletal skeletal arm. Like he's on like Canadian. Pawn shop on star. Avian he also looks like he took what it's supposed to be. An electric fireplace dynasty mounted his electric fireplace as a television. That is true. That's on the night flier worst decision than the arm and you know the last time to working arms is when those throw pillows were.

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