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Potato vivid because not getting sent off in the end felt the team that new so it gets even you. It's going to miss the seasons going combs reaction when he also head down and and and we saw the teams put the foot on the neck. That's what they do. The selection plane in behind renown Donnegan. So we thought they were going to be attacking and make sure they would dominate the game. But as you said Casseus actually got his tactics for. I didn't think that was the case in the first fifteen minutes because he allowed you vent issues to have all the ball. I'm thinking Napoli at home. They're not pressing high. Then make a fan of an event is to control the game but in the country I think it was about fifty minutes before ingrain touchable because they couldn't get the ball into the front. Su there was no space for the ballot to work in so he had to start drifting out wide but they continued to try and go through the middle and it was obvious to me that the area that they should have been going out was getting wide and get crossings because that's what they did in the last five minutes when they were desperate but to get back into the game. So why didn't they change their tactics much earlier. Get the board into their fullbacks Corrado. Getting down one side Alexandra. Getting down the other get crosses into the box because it doesn't matter how many plans in that space in and around with Bala wants to play if across comes into the box you fancy renowned off against Mary are- on on one side and the right back on the other neither more big players that had to be the thought that Sorry would eventually. But he didn't absolutely I mean in yes I think you you've You've touched on. Exactly what did they pack the middle of the pitch make it very competitive of the pitch swamp thing and allow no room to play football in that area it was not for a home game and I'm vicious approached from nothing he was a entrenching. Wouldn't happy for that after twenty five minutes then then was about the context of this game because you have not one but two of the perceived great trainers to Naples. Hey you have dwayne who's already been back before but Who is still not forgiven for making that move anticipate and now you have money? You're sorry even though it was via Chelsea is not forgiven for making that move and it was almost who are they booing loudly before the game because it was both of them and and when he finally did it on the bull you could feel the tension I mean the booze raining down upon him but the fear that he might do it as he has already since leaving the club to beat them up the guy who who thinks them but to an extent You know this was exactly what nappy needed to draw the staying clean. They basically. It wasn't fun game to water. I mean especially that I was poor. Qualify you there was no but when we the highlights a half time despite are signing the country had all the bowl they've been dominant side Napoli. If defending ended that little bit deeper chances for Juventus Napoli had three a corner early on when I think the Senate off you scored early on and it just script on the shoulder absolutely. I think that what it is with with me when I look at it. I know that guy chooses made some mistakes. I know that he hasn't been amazing while he's been putting for this. Yeah he hasn't but I do think that he was trying to create something that is perhaps.

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