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Great night for haunted we also had in that same episode the moment where they ran into the person who wanted the phone who asked harrison in deliverance so a really fun night the next week was going to be the mary scott valentine episode so we had a lot of fun recapping hunted which sadly has not come back to the cbs schedule at this time the other thing that was going on back before survivors started in the winter of 2018 was the new celebrity apprentice hosted by arnold schwarzenegger and i really enjoyed it doing those podcasts mike bloom and megan z we had a lot of fun recapping everything that was going on the air but my favorite moment from that season has to do with the night that we sent the celebrity apprentice team to go and work for the la clippers there was a lotta great moments from that episode by a half just bring it back to talking about arnold schwarzenegger and his hitch four a new brand of protein powder where he decided to go after his favorite whippingboy patrick schwarzenegger that took place on january 30th 2017 sza it wasn't just be powerball of a woman who with the carded cheese dyes that took a lot of abuse that's my favorite sticking larson buck by the way the woman with a cottage cheese arnold went back to his favourite whippingboy patrick kluivert's scharzenegger to talk about what whether of the two of them who should be the spokesperson for some new protein powder defied go and sell the protein powder.

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