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It The greatest unscripted sport show of all time we put it up. We put odds on this. And here's how you could bet it inside the NBA minus five hundred that big favorite to be the greatest unscripted sports show of all time hard docks plus. Two Fifty College Game Day on ESPN four to one PTI nine to one odds or Fox bent lie. Wow. Look at that. Show one hundred to one odds. With a lot there ironically, you win the most on a betting sports show but I don't know I don't know if people were going with that, Art Harry. Start us off where do you think you know what I'm going to College Dame College Game Day because look whether it's over the years Chris Fowler or Rece Davis hosting was guys are flawless. They're so good at what they do and also Kurt herbstreet notice football inside and out he so good no one everything and Maria Taylor since She's got joined a few years back, her interviews excellently course. So at the end, it's so great. That's the thing before the gate I got to see who he takes with other the main game that they're doing, what, how, what, how, many puts on what had gary puts on at the end it's just it's it's funny stopping watching everyone's reaction is fantastic. It's the and they have given so much information do it's a great show? They do know their stuff that you can't really match the energy of. Being on campus for the Big Game Rhino and then like you said core so you can actually be on that in some shops which mascot head he would put on you know declaring the winner and the oftentimes he against the home team and he hears it and that's a great moment. No matter how many times you've seen that I brother Bry what do you think this is your baby would he say well, all right well, this is weird because I did say it is I do think inside. The NBA is the greatest show like in terms of just being great you don't they don't need to be even talking basketball. I feel like they should a show every night it doesn't matter I mean when there's a game on ESPN, I would prefer to flip over a t and t and listen to them. Talk it just again it doesn't matter what they're talking about. It's a lot of fun. The beer game they were playing the other day was hilarious when the beer fell were all over Barkley but. I'm actually GONNA. Say. College. Game. Day. Too I. Know it's hard. I know it's a little bit of an upset. If you asked me this fifteen twenty years ago when I was a kid I would've told you baseball tonight or NFL primetime one of the but. Something a Bow College Game Day it's nine to twelve. I just I wake up every morning still to this day and it's just you smell the air, right? It's the fall it just it's hard to explain and I just sit in front of the TV for like three hours and it just it's just what's so great about college football just seeing the fans there and that would that's what makes it so sad right now in terms of yeah. Not Knowing what's happening with college football because it is so great to wake up your the fans going crazy at nine o'clock in the morning on the TV but that is my. Favorite and again, if you set inside the NBA I think is the Best Jessica's they can talk about anything but Game Day game data me as is always probably been man yeah. If it goes away, what is GonNa Happen? That is such a Jessop, such a big part of our lives, and the just Lee courses is going to be trying on a mascot hats and it works for the show. But what he's doing that and there's no show he's GonNa have to be committed to an insane right they can't. They can't let them continue with that aren't partly kid what's your favorite? Also I was going to throw you a bone here. Take Fox. Bet Live. When you when you said UNSCRIPTED I don't think firm ever goes doesn't add script. saw everything he's reading his. Right. In fraud of right. So I got thrown out the window. Sorry, it's it's it's todd it's on that and so not can't blame you on that So I do what these guys are saying College Game Day. There's something about that butts the NBA show these guys it's it's I. Think sometimes you just need some humor some laughs. Especially after a bad beat say and you can put these guys on they make you smile and for me because remember I'll a lot of what they're saying is watching them at the end of a game maybe when you lost a bed and now you can have them for. Laughs. College. Game Day, you know that's before and let's before any losing is going on south. So it's very easy to say like, Hey, they're fantastic. Right. But when those guys can put a smile on your face after you had the clippers yesterday and they lose you nuclear wash, those guys those guys a fantastic you know. Sometimes you wish I sometimes people wish they taught even a little bit more XS and Os. You don't really get that ranch from them, but I do like the love the you know the the lightness of the show. So I'm GonNa go with that and notes a big favourite there at minus five to say that's Any game y'all the personalities of their. Yeah. I was joining you pollock before this morning I might've taken a flyer on Fox bet live. But then today on the show play Travis was declared King and he wore that stupid that. White Jacket and I commented I said take that bitch ass, why jacket off? I look I got reprimanded for it the host Alex who had a fill-in today needed to apologize on behalf and I went nuclear. I. Went Crazy I was kidding me. Airshows shows before us. Absolutely four shows before US did fifteen minutes on bitch ass white boy and I can't use it as a joke for thirty seconds and they're like, oh, come on. That's a slam dunk. Of course, we need to flag that. No you don't Ernie Johnson said it. He said the words and he was fine. No apologize for him. So I was. On, my mind over it, and then I just one night car and drove home and as driving home getting texts from clay like, Hey, man you did the right thing. I just want you to know when they censor you and I said Bitch S for three hours the other day I was like, oh no, did I really Now. Now I'm not sure which side I'm a farmer even on my side but anyway because of that, I'm not taking Fox Bet Lana Don with Shell Brother Bry contender contend there is a good one. Oh, yeah. Great. A great one American gladiators was a lot of fun back in the day. Yeah. I was on a show called sports. Geniuses is that was fun NFL Primetime. I will always special place in my just the music then at that that the. Lubbock T.J and Chris Berman. Before he went crazy Highness courcelle China's Corner GonNa add terrific interviews there. Twenty four, seven, bribe twenty, four, seven on. HBO. Now's wants reporters Harry. Great got that day but I'm with I'm with the Parlay Kid I'm with Ari. I'm sorry I'm with the parley kid you're the only one really committed right inside the NBA f minus five hundred just so great. They're just terrific. The aforementioned Ernie Johnson is going to go down as one of the most underrated sports reporters or or anchors of all time. Just terrific. Even when they show the dom a photo shops, it still makes me laugh at doesn't matter what's going on I just die laughing like. A. Little. Bit a little bit. They talk a little bit about gambling. They don't talk to it, but there's no spread really talk a while. Bachelor Charles how it can let loose he loves it rhymes game. Yeah. Now, this great job they do such a terrific job and get angry at each other. Sometimes, you don't know if they're really mad like of a fight with shack and Barkley, really break a certain. Ernie, hold it together. It's so good minus five hundred inside the NBA all right Jim Cunningham, you must have some thoughts on their. Pt I probably watch more than anything else in my life. So I'm probably going to have to go with that although I do like Fox bet live for the politics so. That's the only reason I watch Yep Yeah. PTI was in the list there but doesn't get. Yeah, it's pretty good. One that was I love it. They did a nice job for and sat and Sal don't forget about We've talked way yesterday sports says show with Kenny powers and Guy Young. Don I guess. It's kind of. It's cut right it's it's a mix of if they. If. If they just let it be. Would that would be the best show if they just did. All right that's the riverboat casino there. Let's move on to shark tank. These guys give me their best bets. It didn't work out. Great. We have this this poor bastard, this Chris H who points out our wins and losses every week and It's just it's sad to see every time. It's like well, happen again I went home. Harry, you're winning by the way I should point out these guys make free picks on the site extra points. Dot.

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