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Twenty three year old all star point guard d'angelo Russell or shooting guard more I guess on guard anyway point being is that I missed all that jazz but a game and I won in Madison Bumgarner had a vintage day and buster Posey had three heads and Kevin pull our went off plus the NL all star in a all star teams are made and named and will Smith made his all star debut he will make his all star debut in Cleveland as a giant the first left handed reliever from the giants to make an all star game since the name from my youth Gary Lovell in nineteen eighty three so all those things to talk about with my crew go on the home a gas line my cabbie Monday morning to you after a busy weekend a baseball how are you Mike yeah it is apt Monday morning I yes these games for the Oscar Wilde the the fans were loud and and the bomb was the barman and that was the day and will for all star of cools that right I mean truly deserving right how funny last left handed reliever Gary Lavelle you ever come across care level in your day and we got your teammates right yeah we are to make three in the ticket for I think it was last year was but anyway great guy and I don't see enough the card he was one of the most one of the shooters are quite with with bill collector the mobile okay had no fear against anybody put one the scariest at bats eat military was Kerry look well you're the bill too hard to get a highly kick yell whatever the glasses on this in seventy elected to bat and I think of you can give your local Jerry Lovell and I'm the just of bringing him back here just looking at some of his stats in eighty three he two five nine Canada what is an all star and struck at sixty eight ninety seven innings so anyway good stuff man and and can grass to wil Smith but about the other lefty Bumgarner and that was the act of a home stand for him because he struck out twenty batters in two games and winds up tied with Tim Lincecum on the all time San Francisco strikeout list behind one merit shells so what you see from Bumgarner in these last two starts because you know ever since the Dodger Stadium walk off piece that really bummed out he's come back strong you know what we have to go back Dodger Stadium game because you know I I saw him the day after and he was humble mean it absolutely you got to go and when he walked off the field hello you could ever talk about in our common basically was he he'll never forget that moment and he won't that's how big that moma works that stadium they let out a blue that was deep rooted and he heard every one of the forty nine thousand people that were there and he will never forget it I've always said your case is actual guy anyway we always look what he does following yeah and look what he did yeah he goes out again country that level rocky six with curve ball begin done that all year in the letter yesterday he goes out there and deal and he shuts down competent hello good friends and then nine strike out to me in a good game yeah I mean he was cruel and the thing that we noticed about yesterday we got stronger as the game went on and you can say that about his whole year he has gotten stronger since his mechanic up there about separate start to go he is building and and he just looks great levels yesterday was exciting prologue lotteries get Bumgarner all jobs have been lousy on the last day of the series this year and you know that's that's the daily you interject himself in the back and that's what the hell did a good job with but yes when they got that idea they got out before IT was used to yeah the good and cynical tonight by the way families looking to take their mind off NBA free agency got some March on the hill tonight in San Diego all three games stand Monday night Tuesday night Wednesday evening at six ten before they take the fourth of July off I hate that which is terrible game and then come home for Saint Louis over the weekend we can go to the game yeah exactly right so it was a great server Bumgarner and I know we do this every single time Mike in your you've told us every single time I'm not believing it until it happens but we are now in July it's July one and in this is the trade deadline months so are you sticking with your I'm not believe in it theory in that he's he's gonna stick around the the crew go it ain't happenin theory yeah well I think here this is a good chance there if you don't get to it and I'll admit that obviously you know years ago are you hoping for but they're not going to give him away I don't know where our team is going to jail I am a particular but a top prospect for too much real I don't know I really don't know and you know the reason I say that the reason that I said all along the end of this year the giants are gonna get Quayle back and even if you hang on to to bar any if you give him a deal that he wants to stay here except for the giants I think if they get the best deal for the giants then you're gonna have quite ill and you're gonna end up on the with which you and your staff is going next you know that's a big reason why I think that he might and so I think it's fifty fifty in the air right now okay I'll take that old month of July to go more to go towards the cricket well you've always been one of the great religious and relentless optimism guys you and Roger Craig I think are the two best so we'll stick with you and your attitude Mike and we'll see what happens man Mr Posey we even made a mom baby in our little Monday Humm babies and bomb babies because we were talking obviously with you and and Dwayne and a what are you gonna do with them where do you move down the line up and something change over the weekend he has six hits in his last eight at bats what you see with buster Posey driving the outside the guard last year when we sell at all problem going to ship the ball away or use poker you know he's taking advantage of an open right feel when they play the poll and but there was no drive there was no power behind the contact me here it is but on this cruise with there was nothing all right you get through the infield but what we saw this last weekend was he had in a position to use later to be able to drive the ball with authority back to the ball out to right field and you know how hard that is driving the ball and and it would be and he was a cooling of the ball to right field you know you wouldn't he would put on it was was one with power we have that consistently for a year and a half so that really got us excited I'm looking to carry going that's what we've been waiting for right there right there in this the first time he's had discussed the best beat and and he's got some some power back to the basket so you know I don't have to wait to see how we can get better you know it it depends on the now many days later please wait you still come in handy well that I think yeah but what we saw this weekend and really because about making him back with Hammond in the middle the lap belt you've got some correct you've got some bread and everybody else a little bit is a two fifty one now which I know sounds you know like comically low for a guy like Posey but where he was it's a good number in your writing who knows maybe it took this long maybe it took eighty one games I don't know we shall see as soon as tonight when the giants take on the Padres down in San Diego you mentioned a Mike there is the deck doing it again Alex deckers another home run blast to the home I don't know man this guy's a keeper Mike anything of any new over the F. the last three games hang around the ballpark you learn something new about him did you observe something new about him today teammates say something about it has the the legend of Dickerson continuing what number would will will came over and we watched him go to rehab let me just a little bit project to build hello can we Johns and he's out for over here and you know time they got to know this guy you know what you learn about a guy how it goes to a solicitor comes to or you're involved with as a teammate it's a story that you root for especially when you get to know the guy that when you see him come back to start of success it completely energized this is exactly the type of store Dickerson S. he missed not one but two whole years everybody that has ever been in this business as player understands that that is the kiss of death nobody comes back with that and this guy and ability and your ability to come in and appreciate every day like it was his last day you're going to have a good laugh for the record in the clubhouse we appreciate well that is not a fluke he could hit a record he did for you got hurt this guy was a calmer he was gonna be a middle of the border guards are great for a long time and now the cat got a simple if you know what we got the right attitude you prioritizes every party is day the best thing in that field he doesn't for granted yeah and that's how we should go all go through life really as noted on the field and everybody that got better because of him so his presence there is real it's because the stain analysis about local local no doubt Mike you talk about him being real his swing being real I had the game on Friday night it was walk around my house he hit a home run did I hear you say that did I hear you say he hit ten straight during B. P. into the water that day on Friday zero it was easy like you were going from.

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