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Presents. The two of US shorts with Naomi Watterson Alber Frederick High. This is naming lettuce. Welcome to the US Charts Myself Alba freshdirect talking to people across the globe about that pandemic clearance on its relationship to creativity. Mental health emotional wellbeing and as always. I'd like to get a trigger warning. These adult shows the themes will be complex and interesting. And maybe at sometimes be triggering. If you're over ten the disposition today put this on pause and put market for later. Saw otherwise dime right. I will thanks so much for coming on the too short. It's great to have you. You are an autism live in London and just for anyone listening. I'd recommend you if you can go online. The wills now while we're talking you can see that he does. His websites will dash rate R E D Dot Com. Is that right? Yeah Instagram J. So I just wanted to talk to you just a bit about how you doing in the lockdown. How are you today? Yeah it's mixed you get different waves of different so the ups and downs pushes joyful all-wise unites it's hard to keep I'm still keeping myself like. Keep making withdrawing my sleep. 'cause I'm not going to my studio which is some. I'm Michael Spicer my room size kind of a during this exploring onto seeing what comes out so what you during much. Therefore it how like. How was your crisis changed? Yeah I've always wearing during his On the pins my my apprentice I'm the client into the painting. Sometimes food Idea quickly owed quite fresh mock Orange Curative. And then I'd take the paintings. Statues paintings also explored out and allow the paintings that fervor as well so maybe leave behind completely but the recent play so more recently. So I've been more like exploring so a my older works more decided one case appropriate. Pretty good idea yet always interesting. So of like recording experiences including my Sova states will psychological Made my life and how am almost like a journal in a sense. How did I know trying to get that through? The work can solve explore that in the work of Christ SAS as of like platform to see where the some else's there. Because you always surprising. Stop making work. How one thing leads to another h decision will reveal something about yourself about something in king which did didn't really realize till you've done it. I'm sorry I saw less of the sort of things I'm interested in an joins US old naturally to the figuring away so So pull traits. All human figuring whole Abstract expressive quality. And I'd say that's won't be but then I still I could pri losing the plot Recently so these phones are taking more on so landscape paint said equality in Seoul. Vodka trees in a focus on trees is a full as a figure just to express express emotions in a wider form rather than getting bogged down with Hugh informed. And Are you still using that as your kind of main simple in your work the moment yeah so of I've always been so playful. Cartoony souls approach to it sometimes and the Miceli I find myself awake during a full figure in expressing some Acquaint the recent would seem client. I'm very onset. vary so abject in a sense is is sense of place where I am. It's like not really we don't really have show what's going on where where we're going this sunset Asked what a wack is. I'm pretty that's why I've read generally and I know that your on the artist pledged on instagram. Is that what that you're sharing there as well? This'll von surveys. Or is that what you wanted to keep impersonal and you'll guidance to move forward with in some way. Yeah so that was Sets but on this on instagram and stay a while ago just before the coronavirus look down happened forgot his name. Matthew Barney's I think I think I think that's the right name might have to check. That just doesn't matter. I'm he located them special year. It's a lot of retaining So piece set up of you few weeks back in. It's just like everyone's been getting buffy bars yet. I'm getting a boat to. I'm sorry I've been each plant woops to Japan age and then once he's pounds and sales you didn't play your spine always works. That's the general concept of it. I'm just the white ticipal Ossis during these uncertain times when it's hot for t make sales. Oh if you encourage that. So context edition so am. I have so. I saw social life for a moment. Follow which is good. You could just mention the handbook. That one say can quite well things go. Thanks National M Yes seems to be committee. International thing is destroying you. Just put the Hashtag out of school. Pledge on on your image in southern fraternity pounds or less in tightly buys I'm I'm a bit of a cop. Had around previously ideas I storm previous lays allow more so trite wax and a smaller works as well and During Channel Yeah. I'm the big lead. I don't also some what we worth more than and you come. You become paraffin for that price. I guess but yes. Germany ODA works. I'm happy to go because when you make work it's not always just about. This is what she wanted to get rid of. You don't make it sell straightaway. You WanNa solve civilized wax and say wait. I tell you to the next week's yet. Thank you so just to kind of get on their way you are what your life is amendment outside of your home more in your what was it like. You're in eastern right. Yes I'm basing. Dostam dose. Just Dostum's London. Yeah Yeah it's it's Was like it's a it's quite it's quite around But there's a sense of you know everyone's so to get in and the community so there's a sense of community around and you see feel you don't compete you know and it's almost like it feels like walking around on Christmas Day. Yeah usually at Christmas. I'm in London so I know cleaness of of that feed by haven't been in hastening sue me icon like London by guessing a good analogy Christmas Day as I like walking around at two in the morning. But it's it's daylight night drunk people around everyone's smiling each other trying to get out of the way scatter people will look at radio will lay blase about it. I went. I think I would vote by cried to exercise yesterday. I forgot free like the main central that just the city what it was. It's quite likely this there was doing their exercise. It's like a guy's time with oxygen straight. Just these places so busy. Nobody else wanted my sister. She's gone for a cycle today as well and she said that's really nice. Dislike around on them because there aren't any cards around Ray. Yeah you say he isolates knucklehead. Obviously because I think I going to say so gang out that's really important getting out to get It's it's so it's hard but the hardest thing is you're you're in the same place a Lotta time. And I. I don't Mind My put my flats coordinates. No it's quite small. I live tonight some. We haven't got a living room kitchen and inspire united is what to. Gal Get US inspiration for seeing. I'm always inspired all that stuff. You know discoverable cancel things around may call. It is in the sky or trees in the way they show you say corroborate so trying to still take those and channel it into work. So it's inspiring you know at the moment then what's outside and is that different to what was inspired me before so always always inspire me stuff. There's less some things that high school which will have less office the civil of human actions. You'd have maybe some situations you'd find yourself in and say base. Things are more lacking way rather than you'll direct connection with something. It's more like looking at yourself Responding to the landscape guess provident dirty. Were people that makes sense by only started attending special for everything you know films. Music books can still denies which is good. So it hasn't really changed a lot. I think about it. I guess I guess because it gets his are quite good We spend it on solution anyway. Anyway you got a very good very good being aren who good earned company. So He's kind of light. Snow huge the Just the whole the biggest thing on. Thanks to hold. I know renying way where we're GONNA be in next month's ready so Keep plugging away. Ready made KANAWHA can don't commencing basements. Have you noticed that you want to connect in different ways? You know with some people that you didn't before as a result on the up down just talking about connecting with others. Because I find that passed me. I'm more tuned into the meaningful connections in life and kind of thinking about them and reach out to people about a main on reached out to before I was conscious. That still going to be like that for everyone. It may just be nice. Almost half the peace realize no Cristeta being conducted meet people I think The thing is before this even night where I find myself before. It happened at him at made a choice to solve. Frankly small change the jokes and changed whereas working so focus on. Komo them even more time to that hundred find a way to the guy. Shame away through by London while folks out and then sorry they still uncertain period and then I was like I needed to workout things in my own head him. I was going to get away from London myself so I was going to go off Spain and do this This is a community trial and Santiago del Costanza pilgrimage and so reflect on things and meet people on the way. And so so Jenny. I should really be here in my original. I find myself these plans that made another study displays landed in is kind of weird from it. I can kind of like So I think I'm so more grappling with that obey in. I am but you want to help and there is this so essentially what you WANNA do more. They WANNA help them. Everyone you want to help the community. You want to help the people I.

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