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There's the falls fumbled out of bounds and place back at this. JT Daniels on the hand off to Cedric wear and the beavers get to Aqaba for a gain of maybe a yard good job of rallying to the football. Kalani Baca, Melillo key wentzel Chamara Smith. And is it cajones all bullying their way through good penetration? For a short game second and nine one forty five to go in the half twenty one seven Trojans. Couple of new receivers here Trevan, Sydney. And less Jones has played but we've not seen Sydney before. Sydney is wide left with Bela's Jones at the slot. JT Daniels to throw the ball was tipped and almost intercept it, I believe hammock Rashid junior got his hand on the ball might have been Isaiah to. We'll take a look JT Daniels in it was havoc Rashid junior, and it sets up a third and nine on the plane was Tim's he's talking about two Fonda who was out on a receiver who mauled the receiver well before the ball arrived. But of course, the ball had already been kept thought maybe to cut a tried to find a football third and nine from the beaver thirty eight yard line Trojans leading twenty one seven JT Daniels. Juggles the snap. And meta a miscommunication. Throws it out of bounds. The receiver ran down the sideline in the ball. Went more on an out that Daniels thought his target was going to run into knowledge what down and nine and the Trojans leading twenty one to seven don't want to give the beavers any sense of field position. And hope they send the punting unit out and with a minute nineteen. That's the only play really we if you're USC with a twenty one seven lead with the time. Read bud ravech who averages nearly forty yards per punt standing back at his own forty seven yard line. Takes plenty of time to get it away angling for the left side line. Not a particularly good kick the beavers net on this is going to be okay. And you wonder what Jonathan Smith, and Brian Lindgren will do is the walkup continues. The officials still walking we'll set it down at about the sixteen fifteen yard line of Oregon state with one eleven to go on the half bieber's trailing twenty one to seven the beavers get their first stop of the football game..

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