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Heart radio station fort bend county Muslim leader is arrested got coverage twelve all one on this for your son forty Katie are H. traveling together here's Julia hurting we've got emergency work on sixty nine southwest is gonna be the outbound side right around fine grained couple right lanes are blocked in your backed up about five minutes for him we did clearly accent on six ten the Wesley southbound but there's still some delays as you move from post over towards sixty nine I'm Judy hearty that office windows dot com twenty four hour traffic center high pressure give us a nice quiet start to this first full week of by the new year and flirting with the daily record high temperatures today just shy of the more the mid seventies today fifty are low tonight near seventy Tuesday Wednesday or next front comes in Thursday Friday late week with rain showers and thunderstorms into Friday I'm Scolari more the weather channel seventy in Conroe sunny and seventy one advocate here H. top tax defenders twenty four hour weather center twelve all one our top story a local Muslim leader behind bars charged with committing sex crimes against children fort bend county sheriff Troy Nelson else the charges for fifty nine year old Mohammed Omar Ali this morning and Mister Ali the cases that we have if they are proven in a court of law I hope you go to prison for fifty years investigators say Ali made home visits to teach children about the Koran and there may be more victims still out there his bond set at one hundred twenty five thousand dollars for the time being a fort worth hospital cannot pull the plug on eleven month old girl while her appeal is pending at buys the family more time to find other doctors Trinity Lewis the.

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