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We all have an opportunity to replace them with something better to build a new world from the ashes of the on my new show. It could happen here monday. Through friday will chronicle the collapse. Yes but we're also going to talk to visionaries and thinkers who have ideas about what could replace it. Who are going out there in the world right now to try to build something better so listen to it could happen here on the iheartradio app apple podcasts over for you get your podcasts joy with the news on the news. This is the headline news. So jake paul defeated. Ufc champ tyron. Woodley by split decision last month. Initi- initially will they said he wanted a rematch j. Paul said he would only do it if we got an. I love jake. Paul tattoo which is obviously ridiculous. Quite childish will the agreed and they suck on it but it appears he has changed his mind which is smart. This is a good decision by taryn. Woodley and paul said will to not get tattoos the rematches off and he has moving onto new opponents. This this is why people have a hard time taking the situation. Seriously tattoos as far as rematches. Go but jake. Paul is in the driver's seat of these fights because he is the one that is bringing all the attention you it. He said he would like to fight. Hora mazda at all. Oh i would not recommend not to. I would pay to watch it. But that's not great. I don't think he's cylinder contract with ufc so they'd have to sign him off to do a boxing match. His record is thirty. Five fifteen o any last april where he lost by knockout in the second round. But mazda a real fighter. He's real funds. I don't. I don't know how jake paul would fair and that fight but again i would watch it. I know everyone Not everyone but a lot of people hate these things. I find it entertaining. And i like to be entertained today. That's that's part of what to organise entertain me. Entertain us us. Paywall pay-per-view entertaining. This is what you gotta do. So the forty niners cannot escape. The injury bug had multiple players missed significant time during the twenty two thousand season. And now they're down to more important pieces this week after week one jason barrett has torn his. Acl will miss the rest of the season. It's not good. not good. And running back where he has also been placed on the i r chips cartilage in his knee and will miss approximately eight weeks. So can't escape injury for the niners. It's spat news. They really struggled with this last year. So hopefully they can get out of this baltimore on the niners falling a part joy with the news. Well that's the news and thanks for stopping by heard lie patriots devin mccourty been around awhile knows the game on a ballot check saves next be sure to catch live editions of the heard weekdays at noon eastern nine am pacific. He's by carmen. I'm dan fired. We have a brand new fantasy football. Podcast called. 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Get the opportunity to share the full extensive story so you can stop wondering what's really going on. You'll know what's happening behind the scenes in the nfl listened to nfl inside. Report on the iheartradio app on apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. I want to get back to being community group. I want to continue having soccer season. So i can throw parties again so i can go to her. Party's it really be nice to dine in instead of getting delivery for a change so i can feel safe and protected for myself and my students we have our own reason for why we're getting vaccinated against cova. Nineteen what we are spe- visit get vaccine answers dot org for information on the cove nineteen vaccines. It's up to you brought to you by the ad council. He's the single most trusted defensive player. Bill belichick has ever had. He's been with the patriots twelve years. He just got named a captain for the eleven time. He played one hundred percent of the snaps last year. Or excuse me sunday. Devin mkhori and his brother jason mccourty. Now jason is now a miami dolphin. They faced off this weekend. Devon three rings patriots safety joining us. Live i gotta tell you it is interesting. You look across your very close with your brother. Was it bazaar to look across the field and see him really was it. Didn't it used to be but after the three year span. We have planned together. Saint him on the opposite side opposing team. It was awkward. i'm not gonna lie. Even i play. Damian harris breaks out on my goal dane go and a j tags on my tackle. Jay had to remind myself by bad tackle interesting. You face to our and these young quarterbacks they're good they're all over the league. But i thought actually you guys made it difficult for to bella check and you have made life miserable for young quarterbacks. What did to do that. You were impressed. By what are things you are able to maybe win. I thought he did a good job of just going. You know whatever. He saw whatever he thought he just went on. I think that allow them to play fast early in the game. They hit us with temple stuff going straight to the ball and going. I thought we did a good job on her down on the problem. We didn't get him at third down enough on our third down package with our disguising in the back end in our rush. Upfront out to d. line. A linebackers worked well us so we just gotta put it all together next week and not have a couple of laps. Situational football hurt us sunday. Matt jones beats out cam newton. I was surprised but there was something there. That the coaches saw. What do you think in the end is the reason max the starter right now. What was the secret sauce for him. I'm not sure like. I don't know what goes into making the quarterback decision all but i will say for matt. He's coming just put his head down. He hasn't worried about being a rookie. As experience at what he knows doesn't know he's just gone out there each day and trying to learn as much as possible and get better on has been fun to watch as an older guy in you know john. Hardy is on himself is trying to improve each day through training camp where he got us a little bit on defense It's been fun to see him. progressing It'll be watching them. I think about years at all throughout this season devon last year was a weird year Eight opt out. It was almost as if ballot just kind of said. Listen i understand it too weird year. Opt out where we're gonna we're gonna reboot this thing. You guys at certainly earned the right to have an off year and then you went out and got big two hundred million bucks in free agency. Were you a little surprised that you guys went all in.

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