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Football player he played syracuse he worked at syracuse had a great job at all check the box and all kinds of privilege and power local guy all all the power religion and and he died a few weeks ago in syracuse one of the many former football players who played the nfl who's now dead i played with with thirty two guys and no thirty two guys that i played with and and been around the game who never made fifty and and that's way too many people to know in a circle as as a fifth year old man to know so many men and part of what what happened with them and i is a siem gets to some of the same links to the issue of men's violence against women a lotta people will will disagree with this a lot of people try to say oh no these guys are all dead because see e and and the game is horrible well reggie white who died sleep apnea drome white throat brown who who who died in a car accident and all the guys that have cancer and only elements all these are the things that happened in their lives wasn't just because of ct in some of these guys it was because of especially some of the guys who died in suicide who dealing with depression issues and alcohol issues and drug issues because of painkillers than all these other things that wasn't just brain it was also part of their masculinity that didn't enable them to say i am hurting i need help i am not i am not this warrior whose impervious to pain and and and and volmer ability and sensitivity and emotional breakdown i am not and so these guys all taught to be warriors in the same thing that that makes them worries at the same things that made them vulnerable and and so and it's also some of the same things that leads to men's violence against women and so i if we don't start talking to men in this why why.

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