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Don't really want to be in cost things very much because it was. Somebody's trusting and counting on the country. Think about it much because I know that probably been what I can do is try to do my best to achieve results, but myself because it's over there. So when you get off the phone to him, that was a bit of a politician's answer he gave. He knows he knows the game, a bit of a non answer, which is yeah, it's nice, but hey, we'll see. Almost a racing drivers have kind of got that answer non answer. Do you reckon he really knows though he's got he's got a good opportunity. I think he's being clever there because he doesn't want to put any extra pressure on himself and let's be honest he's still very young. He doesn't need to have that extra pressure on there. So he's very being very clever there, but there's no doubting the talent that this kid has, because he got his first two rally wins last year for the first time in Estonia and then he obliterated the field in acropolis, which is not a place you go and do are certainly on your debut at that event as well. So this reason why arie flatten and said that because the guy is going to be a superstar. There's no question about it. He will be I'm sure he'll be a world champion at some point. And he's got plenty of years in the bank to still be the youngest because Colin McRae did it when he was 27 and so Callie's got a lot of time to do it. For me, he could well be, he could well be the championship. There's no question why couldn't if the car is good, he does exactly what he's done last season and built on that. He's going to be a formidable person to beat. And then you also spoke to and put to him. That perhaps last year was frustrating, but also this year could be wiping the slate clean and here's what he had to say. The performance side and the car improved, but we just didn't manage to put the package together, but now we have the blank page. So we have a good chance to work through everything and.

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