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Scientists today reported a remarkable. Discovery on Mars a. Huge lake of salty water. Has been detected deep Nathan surface of the red planet. And where there. Is water there could be life chip Reid takes a look It's hard to imagine a lake on the desolate planet of, Mars but a group of. Italian scientists claims it's true, a groundbreaking discovery in the search for life on the red. Planet even science fiction's. Martian didn't find a lake But he'd be. Wise to hold off on buying that bathing suit the waters a bit chilly Mars the fourth rock from the sun is, a lot colder than earth and the suspected lake. Is near the frigid Martian south pole Italian scientists claim they discovered it by hitting the. Area, repeatedly. With ground, penetrating radar revealing what they say is a body of liquid water twelve miles wide about. One mile under the surface so there? Really is a possibility that there is a big twelve mile lake, on Mars yeah Dr James Zimmerman a. Geologist with the Smithsonian Aaron Space Museum says where there's water there could be, life are we talking about whales and dolphins It would be exciting I mean it would be the greatest. News of the century if we found a micro last month the same Italian space agency that made this discovery released the, first ever three d color video of Morris frigid. Surface but below the surface it's even colder so how could there be liquid water the. Italian, scientists. Say the, lake is so salty that the water is like sludge making the temperature where water freezes. Much lower than that of ordinary water The search for life. On Mars, is very much alive behind me are the first. Three generations of Mars Rovers the fourth, generation is expected to be launched in two years a key part of its mission to find the chemical fingerprints of. Life Jeff Jeff good, question about whales. And dolphins they're worth asking I guess? Also good answer appreciated, chip Reid coming up next on the CBS evening news preventing dementia scientists say a healthy hearts navy the key to a healthy brain WBZ news time seven forty, five and it's Wednesday night Mike king is here to help us home with the Subaru retailers of New. England all wheel drive traffic on the threes Mike yeah boy. What a busy afternoon rush Lori but things are good now. The expressway southbound all these now and I know that's good news for you it's clear from top to bottom. Northbound is good all the way in route, three is all clear. In the south shore and no. Delays now on one twenty eight you'll make it. From Newton, down to, Braintree in good time up north, more of. The same route ones all these down through. Saugus and lynnfield routes three and ninety three are fine up towards southern New Hampshire. Downtown Storrow drive east is slow coming into Leverett circle and it stays slow on the Leverett up ramp up. Towards ninety three but that's typical this time of the night..

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