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John. Maxwell said a great leaders courage to fulfil his vision comes from passion not position. And there's an unknown quote that says a comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows. They're welcome to the school of greatness. I am pumped. We've got mad. Dave Hollis in the house if you don't know who he is he and his wife taken off in the last couple of years and it's been amazing to watch. Their journey actually met them years ago before all of the madness that has happened in their lives. And if you don't know who he is. He is the other half of the dynamic powerhouse. Duo that is Rachel and Dave Hollis. He's a former Disney film distribution chief responsible for the relaunch of the Star Wars Franchise. No big deal the avengers series even bigger deal and the mega hits like frozen and beauty and the beast now. He left his prestigious post at Disney last year to lead the Hollis company side his wife Rachel Hollis and in addition to running a company and raising his four children Davis touring the US sharing tales of how one former professional development skeptic became a spokesperson for growth in this talk we share his transition from CEO to see oh working with his wife. Rachel Hollis why he didn't want to release the now number one your times bestseller girl. Washer face and why he was scared of it. How he made the transition from working with a Mega Movie Studio. Disney to running a small business and what that showed him about where he was emotionally in life the impact that running had on his life specifically and dealing with his anxiety in other challenges and what is like to have his relationship and lifestyle out there in the public. They post their stuff every single day. Personal Life family life business life marriage life. What does that like? We dive in deep. I think you're GONNA love this. Make sure to share with a friend who you think would enjoy this as well. Lewis House Dot com slash nine. Two six all right. I'm excited about this one. Let's dive into this episode. What the one and only Dave Hollis welcome back everyone of the school greatest podcast we got the man gave.

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