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As wasi putting a boy in front of him it doesn't make any liens um but yeah i just kind of full it could have just know had that it wouldn't mattered match maybe peace there anything we wanted to see no really the i did miss among the saying i don't misunderstand me when i say his yeah i did miss rutger hauer and the sense that that character on boy by to ease the best thing about light rana the absolute i mean not my whole thing about it is he's the heroin villain which obviously the close you got to roy batty is k so he's claimed there in spirit in k n he h is actually the hero the eight is just just he he was such a great character and had all the best things in blade runner so you know the fact that you know in a gasco ease moment in harrison folk you know obviously had his big thing and everything they so much light you can about well if you're going to do that cannot have a bassey some less this just just and he's not even mentioned for any just like i'm on that was the only thing for me really does that's kind of my my biggest reservation about twenty forty nine a more think it full show of the original is thoughts you're missing slight level of philosophical poetic profundity that you get from the tis and rain speech and from basically all of robot he as a character is that sort of mysterious nece and that an enigma and that sort of you know even that i mean obviously everyone knows the tis rain speeches one of the greatest moments in cinema but that the the stuff about the attack ships of the of the votes of riot beams glittering in the dark died those little bits of dialogue just say so much paint such a huge worlds and an a sort of unseen canvas.

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