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Slow back to Glen, Helen Parkway. All right David, thank you. Appreciate it. Right now. It is seventy five Thousand Oaks at five fifteen this is all things considered from NPR news. I'm Ari Shapiro. Mary Louise Kelley five years after Malaysia Airlines flight seventeen was shot down over Ukraine. Charges have been filed today three Russians and Ukrainian were charged with the murder of three hundred passengers and crew who died on the plane. Reporter Terry Schulz says the prosecution is going ahead despite doubts that the accused will ever appear in court. Dutch prosecutors have set a trial date of March ninth for ebor gear can Sergei dubinsky Oleg pull it off. And Leonet Kharshenko the first four suspects to be named criminally responsible for the deaths of almost three hundred people passengers on an aircraft shot out of the sky during a flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur by what international investigators say was a Russian-Made boop missile. It was launched from eastern Ukraine an area under the control of separatist backed by Moscow. Investigators say the missile was launched vehicle. Belonging to Russia's fifty third. Antiaircraft missing brigade. Tapped phone calls along with radar data open source, photos, video social media, entries and testimony from some three hundred witnesses now have led investigators to the three. Former Russian military end intelligence officials and a Ukrainian national, who worked with them in the breakaway region. Debts public prosecutor, Fred, Vesta, Becca says the team expects to name more suspects, which might include active duty Russian officers. But says it's a painstaking process. We have now the information and to prove in our in our doce in our file to take the step that we are going to take now against the four people. We mentioned for artists. We are not that far at this moment today. Moscow reiterated its denial of any involvement in the shooting down of h seventeen fester Baker rejects that the Russian federation is involved in distress in this crime. He one way or the other one. Day off to seventeen July, they could have been in the position to tell us exactly what happened because they know but what they know may never be heard in the Dutch court while international arrest warrants are being issued for the four accused Russia does not extradite, its citizens. Prosecutors say they'll request the suspects be handed over under the terms of a mutual, legal assistance agreement, but they admit that's a long shot still. They said at the beginning of their investigation. Plenty of people thought they'd never even get this far for NPR news. I'm Teri Schultz..

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