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Coming up for the rowdies this one shortsighted ball inside the box recovered by alexi swat he and he fires this one down the other side of the field and we'll see a car fitzgerald the goalkeeper come out of the box to set this one up for tampa bay they'll have possession and they look to slow things back down on the left side for tampa max he's gonna be down the sideline here this one's a boot down the side oscar menace gets to it once again we'll say decides to send us one deep back the other direction it will go out of bounds so a throw in coming in for tampa it's been one way traffic here for tampa bay louisville city is yet to get a touch in tampa bay's half for well at least the last three minutes here this ball handled down the left side michael natura vici has it and they switch up to the side niche off excuse me as we go down the right wing here they switch up field deep ball going up for tampa can't get too though in time a close ball though down the box ranjit singh finds a way to send it out there was very closely contested by a couple tampa bay attackers as we go in through the middle here's shot on goal going to be caught off the ground by ranjit singh good recovery there by tampa bay is the ball switched up to the left side of the field in on the shot for tampa bay that'll be sebastian when nazi is he'll have a shot on goal but that went bounces off the deck so the first save of the day we'll go up for greg ranjit singh klay jose paco craig that back pass to greg left in between a rock and a hard place and i think it was fleming's is running onto that almost caused the problems early here for louisville city fleming's another name to watch out for we didn't mention per game number seven the midfielder seven starts on the year with a couple of goals to go alongside that and outta fastly on the move here down the right side pushing it inside the box pokka craig tried to get behind it good punch out by ranjit singh and louisville city makes the recovery dangerous stuff here really causing problems for louisville city is that will that play was instigated by fleming's again his name i feel like it's gonna come up a fair few times tonight we'll say do you look to be pinned bag they just need to find some space on this ball fleming's the one flying down the right side of the pitch as tampa bay works from left to right there and all green with neon green shoes in louisville city with the white tops and yellow hoops which is very typical of tampa bay in their historic kits it's a good style call i'll say that much it is i remember in in person it was very hard to pick out the yellow numbers on the back of that green and yellow jersey so luckily we've got a tv screen it might be a bit easier louisville city try to go down that right side pushed away out there by rasmussen should be throw in four little city kyle smith on the froth on the throw the first real attack now through almost seven minutes of play for little city that has been just a onslaught thus far by tampa bay they've been pushing the pace and giving no opportunities for little city f c but now city decides to maintain the ball they go out towards the midfield speedy williams have the ball dead center decides the pop it down the right wing working around the outside trying to find incisive pass magazine found it gives it over to smith the cross will go down the backside and this one's rolling up the right and on the run here comes the rowdies junior fleming's down the pitch he flies up a little bit decides to pull it back down here comes from trap defense coming back on the defensive third for little city it was the break look to be on there for flemings but he just had no support coming forward here interesting in their absence tonight is a number of players on the.

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