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When they think about your product or service if a local business that you want kept top of mine in your community, call the station if you need national reach freetalklive got. Around two hundred radio stations, millions of monthly listening sessions can suit all budgets and if we don't think we're right for you. We'll tell you email me market freetalklive dot com. Did you know you can listen to L. Aranda FM, VR free to air satellite channels? We have channels over nearly all of North America and much of Africa. All you need is an affordable receiver dish smallest thirty inches. There are no monthly fees learn more at sat dot. FM Plus if you are a broadcaster or want to be one, this is a good delivery method for our content. See our coverage maps and get details at Santa. L. N. DOT FM that sad L. R. N. DOT FM SAT DOT. Dot FM. Congressman recently revealed that legislation totaling twenty, nine hundred pages and involving more than one trillion dollars was available to members of Congress for less than forty hours to study and consider that's over sixty pages of legislation per hour. Do you think anyone read the entire bill I'm Jim Babka with downsize DC dot. Org consider a proposal buried in a thirty two, hundred page three, hundred, eighty, eight, billion dollar bill, which would of empowered committee chairman or their agents to examine. Americans. Tax, returns when this Oracle will provisions came to light no one claiming know how it got into the bill one congressman questioned said I didn't write it. I. Didn't approve it I wasn't even consulted if your attorney represented you this way he might be disbarred but this is how Congress represents you every day. That's why downsize DC dot org has created the read the Bills Act you can force congress to read their bills before they pass them at downsize DC DOT org. You can sign up to receive the latest about the liberty radio network the our email updates at updates l. dot FM, that's updates L. R. N. dot. FM..

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