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What are mysterious archivist Bryant has for us? Monasteries archivist Bryant went ahead and sent me a essay. Called Fenway in the white whale or fenway. Moby, Dick, or something like that I've I. Battalion won't be sick for a reason for a while which was an essay that was published at the all American game or the L. American East game. In the like the the program they had. They published a Stephen. King Essay in the program at this baseball game like eighty thousand people were at. And I'M GONNA. Read that Short Essay in its entirety. And discuss it. Yeah, that is some Niche Stephen. King content. We'll have it read free on its entirety We'll probably chat about it afterwards or something. Stick around next week for that after that will be reading on writing, we are going legend to legend on this bad boy. We have a lot of special stuff planned for you than stick with us. Hit that. Subscribe Button whatever we'd like to thank all the people that have been involved. I would like to thank Michaela Fishman for doing graphic design. Monica Chen for our posters. I would like to thank the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation for all the charitable work. They do especially instant main. Our mentors to Magistrelli and Michael Blue in who also recently asked us to contribute a chapter to their new book on films of Stephen King Yep so more on that down the pipeline..

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