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Ellensburg however where central washington university has just place the professor onleave not just any professor is republican state representative matt man weller we understand this is a new investigation news tribune reports a university would not disclose what it is investigating move comes as manuel or who's a political science professor at the college has been the subject of new reports related to 2012 in 2013 investigations at him by the school into allegations of sexual harassment manuever denies those allegations from ellensburg who to call where to protesters have climbed up a crane atta putin sound energy site and refused to come down protesters say they are acting on behalf of the puyallup tribe they say p as he's liquid natural gas facility is being built adjacent to tribal land without the proper permits and will include a pipeline that crosses tribal land the puyallup tribes native daily network interview the protesters who say they jumped events and climbed forty to fifty feet up a construction crane on site yeah were worked hard to stay through today we'll be here till the close of worker until they kind of style reporter for native daily network explains the tribal opposition is meese partly unconcerned for the climate and for the explosive potential of compressed lng and more importantly this is on pee on a tribal tree you and the fellow tribe oppose this and as i father local affaris a totally ignore the treaties protesters say they'll stay up all day if needed to draw attention to their cause corwin haeck komo news is afternoon the king county council expected to vote on some changes in the way the county handles juvenile justice measure aims to reduce the use of solitary confinement and comes after a lawsuit by families a boyce held in solitary at the adult jail and kent a council will also review a report that.

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