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Your amazing you've got so many great ideas an interesting thoughts you should put some of those ideas and thoughts on a website so people all over the world can look at them and think your amazing so if you actually decide to do that because you're amazing then why not use squeeze space they make it so easy to design a website even if you're not amazing i know imagine so visit square space and if you'd like what you see type in the offer code buxton foot ten percent off her mazy i added guang mahbubug gove john young log caused bin now you outlook that what caused doubt then started liz irving i feel my group vows on human vote then i recall it all over noises while these of my name is adding buck stunned by bob i want you to do and jyle is that the bad hey how you doing this this adam buxton here out for a walk once again in the fields of east anglia uk and once again it's the nighttime on this occasion rosie the dog is up ahead invisible to me because of her black for making her entirely camouflaged in the gloom but it's a beautiful night the stars a shining very brightly above me but listen let me tell you about episode number sixty four of the podcast which reaches a conversation with californian actor writer and director greta girl week greta cohen aged thirty four began acting in a series of lowbudget semi improvised films in the mid2000s while still at new york's bonnaud college where she was studying theater her involvement as actor co writer and codirector of some of those films part of the socalled mumbled core genre brought to greta to the attention of new yorkbased director noah bound back who con.

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