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And everything else so uh and i i give kitted of about it so dan says oh okay he says that's my favorite pie while adiwinoto but it away somebody herdis gentleman narratives that he would end to efi's place and got a hold of efi who is a tremendous cloak and she could bake anything and she said i wanna buy two pie is i want an apple pie for brad davis and i want blueberry pie for his partner dan leballo so this is what she did well dan wasn't there of course i got rid of the pie i mean i had one patient everybody else finished it up why they loved it but the dan wasn't there so i took his pie home with me put it in my refrigerator and brought it in yesterday and presented a tournament about ten minutes after at seven o'clock and he took it home and when he came at this wardi said brad easy you have no idea that blueberry pie was uh delicious so that's how that all all started and uh since i made the statement for the reason that i don't eat blueberry pie because i don't want to get the at my teeth turn blue everywhere i go now they say would you smile's so we could check it out to see if your teeth are blower not i can't believe that but anyway i asked ford but uh good morning good morning to all the folks who go into f fees to uh to have a breakfast down there on a park road in west hartford okay sixteen minutes after.

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